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MAD//Anywhere Agenda 10 March 2021


Welcome from MAD//Fest


Welcome from your host...Paul Frampton, President - EMEA + APAC, Control v Exposed Paul Frampton, President, International (EMEA & APAC), Control v Exposed


The secret diary of eve sleep, aged 6 and ¼ Cheryl Calverley, CEO, Eve Sleep


Data Driven Digital – The future for FMCGs Andrew Muzzelle, Digital Media Director, Nectar360


Revealing The Hidden Audience Berkan Tunaboylu, MEA Media Director, GlaxoSmithKline


Are you Ready for a Post-Cookie World? Denise Leone, Global Strategic Partnership Director, DoubleVerify Mia Mulch, Managing Director, Programmatic, OMG UK

As our industry collectively moves toward a digital world with data privacy regulations and deprecation of cookies, advertisers need to shift away from performance solutions that rely on third-party data. IAB Europe recently discovered that 40 percent of industry respondents felt their company wasn’t prepared for the demise of third-party cookies. So, as an industry, how can we be better prepared? In this session, DoubleVerify will be speaking with OMG UK on how to be better prepared and provide guidance for advertisers as they pivot to a post-cookie world.


First-Party Data: Why it's Critical to a Marketer's 2021 Strategy Claire Feeney, Product Marketing Manager, OneTrust PreferenceChoice


Why would you kill your best performing channel? Mumtaz Khamker, Global Head of Strategic Growth, Webgains Natasha McKenzie, Chief Marketing Officer, Webgains


Polls + Competitions


The CMOs data-driven growth strategy Jasper Martens, Chief Marketing Officer, PensionBee


Cookies are quickly going stale. First-party data is a marketer's new secret ingredient Alan Botwright, Master Solutions Architect, Acquia


Fireside chat with GoCompare. Hosted by Paul Frampton Paul Frampton, President, International (EMEA & APAC), Control v Exposed Peter Sensier, Director of Digital Marketing, GoCompare


What effect has the pandemic had on the portrayal of women in advertising? Rebecca Waring, Global VP Insight and Solutions, Unruly


The single biggest reason your ads look crap Jason Trout, Global Chief Digital Officer, Peach


Human Media Dominic Carter, Group Chief Commercial Officer, News UK


How Respectful Advertisers Capture Attention and Win Business Daniel Ginns, UK Country Manager, Taboola


As John Doerr says, 'you can’t invent the future, the next best thing is to fund it' June Angelides MBE, Investor, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Samos Investments


How not to screw up in glocal marketing with social media insights Alina Hura, Global Marketing Manager, YouScan


The "Rebel Alliance" - how has brought together hundreds of independent bookshops to take on Amazon Andy Hunter, Chief Executive Officer,


What is rich business messaging and how brands can build the perfect conversational ad experience Steve Godman, Development Director, Future Messaging, imimobile, now part of Cisco Tim Green, Features Editor, MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)


Summary of the key themes that emerged from the morning sessions Paul Frampton, President, International (EMEA & APAC), Control v Exposed


Walgreens Innovation Pitch Jeremy Basset, CEO, Co:Cubed Marni Allen, Director, WBA Consumer Healthcare Futures, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Introduction from Jeremy Basset
Challenge outline from Marni Allen

Followed by finalist pitches from:
Sam Amrani, CEO, Olvin
Grant McAngus, Partnerships Director, Vamp
Graeme Foux, CEO, Knexus
Karol Smith, Global Head of Advertiser Experiences, Cavai
Alicia Jackson, Business Development Executive + Jeremy Dodd, Head of Business Development, Go Instore
Sri Sharma, CEO and Co-founder, increasingly

The winner will then be announced live.


Gymbox HIIT post lunch workout


Summary of upcoming afternoon sessions, Polls + Competitions Tom Ollerton, Founder, Automated Creative


The Empower Economy: Why Human-First is the Future Luciana Cavalho, Technologist + CMO, Mindcheck


Cookies will die - but it won’t kill cross-media audience measurement Mogens Storgaard Jakobsen, Chief Sales Officer and Co-founder, AudienceProject


Are all influencers attention seekers? Ben Jeffries, CEO + Co-founder, Influencer


We pick ourselves up and we start again; selling holidays through the tiers Steve Seddon, Brand Marketing Director, On The Beach Sam Walker, Executive Creative Director, Uncommon


WTF is ✨true✨ content engagement and how do I get that?! Dino Kuckovic, Director of Community + Events,


The surprising power of doing things properly Dom Dwight, Marketing Director, Yorkshire Tea


A “Great British Bake-off”? A Recipe for CTV success in the UK Steve Martin, MD of International Data & TV, LiveRamp


Polls + Competitions


O2 - Emerging Stronger Nina Bibby, Chief Marketing Officer, O2


Social Amplification: A snapshot into your Influencer Marketing potential Anna Jorysz, Display & Creative Director - Incubeta UK


A little less conversation (about attention); a little more action (about attention) Mike Follett, Managing Director, Lumen


How can brands make a difference? Rebecca Baron, Head of Activism and Social Mission, Ben & Jerry's


The Mantis Shrimp and Marketing: Learning from nature’s most sensational animal, to dominate your ecosystem Jeremy King, CEO & Founder, Attest


Will You Accept This Rose: Tips to Increase Engagement in 2021 David Moeller, Head of Content Marketing, Mitto


Advertisers Watching Ads: LIVE Seb Bardin, Digital Product Owner, Unilever Sam Dolan, Head of Marketing - Aunt Bessie's, Birds Eye Jeremy Waite, Global Communications Designer, IBM UK


Wrap up and Summary of UK focused sessions Tom Ollerton, Founder, Automated Creative


Welcome to our USA focused sessions Ellie Edwards-Scott, Co-founder // The Advisory Collective


What can Marketers learn from Biden's Election Victory? Teddy Goff, Partner, Precision Strategies


Clarity in the age of confusion, what really matters to marketers in 2021 Tom Goodwin, Author


“This is Just The Intermission” – Experiential Marketing in the time of COVID Ronnie Yoked, Head of Experiential, Anheuser-Busch


USA Polls + Competitions


The Future of Immersive Entertainment Steven Moy, Global CEO, Barbarian Bill Simmons, VP Product Management, Roku


A Curious Conversation about Empathy? Mordecai, Principal, Mordecai Inc. Michael Tennant, Chief Executive Officer, Curiosity Lab Geoff Cottrill, Former head of marketing - Coca-Cola North America; co-founder Marvin Media, LLC


How Innovation Has Failed Us & How We Make It Work Mordecai, Principal, Mordecai Inc.


AB-Inbev Innovation Pitch Jeremy Basset, CEO, Co:Cubed Rafael Gandra, Global Innovation Manager, Beer Garage, ABinBev

Introduction from Jeremy Basset
Challenge outline from Daniel Turcotte

Followed by finalist pitches from:
Amber Woodcock, Digital Advertising Consultant + John Robinson, Managing Director, Fluid Ads
James Elsworth, General Manager UK & Eire, Hashting
Lauren Windscheffel, Senior Business Development Manager + Stacey Downer, Senior Business Development Manager, Adimo
Lode Groosman, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Threedium
Oliver Leigh, Head of Business Development, Playrcart
Dominic Bowcock, Co-founder, Bowimi

The winner will then be announced live.


Wrap up from your host Ellie Edwards-Scott, Co-founder // The Advisory Collective

MAD//Anywhere Agenda 11 March 2021


Welcome from MAD//Fest


Welcome from your host


Bouncing Back & Taking Off Richard De Villa, Head of Marketing – UK and Europe, Malaysia Airlines


Putting Theory into Action: Your Post-Cookie Plan Denise Leone, Global Strategic Partnership Director, DoubleVerify

As advertisers are gathering a better understanding of the road ahead as our industry transitions into a post-cookie world, advertisers need more of an in-depth understanding of which solutions work best for their campaigns moving forward. In this presentation, DoubleVerify will give insights on what a post third-party cookie checklist could look like and put the theory into action by highlighting key considerations and privacy-friendly solutions that have already helped brands drive performance.


Losing Your Identity? Learn How to Thrive in a World Without Third-Party Cookies Phil Acton, Country Manager, UK & BeNeFrance, Adform


Bursting the bubble: Henkel on bringing diversity and inclusion into its marketing Nikki Vadera, Marketing & Digital Director (Consumer Brands), Henkel


Take Charge of Your Identity Strategy Elizabeth Brennan, Head of Advertiser Strategy, Permutive


Forward Mark Adams, VP Innovation, VICE Media Group


Pivoting through partnerships: the power of performance marketing Joelle Hillman, Client Partner, Awin


1999 called: it wants its search strategy back John Watton, VP, EMEA Marketing, Yext


Polls + Competitions


Frontline III - Street Culture Inspired Gen-Z Report Luke Hodson, Founder, NERDS


Start the Conversation & Triple Your Conversion Ulf Loetschert, CEO, LoyJoy


Wellness Without Limits: Creating an Always On Brand through Technology Tony Miller, Marketing Director, WW


Coffee is for Closers: Close the gap between sales and marketing and get your coffee! Dominik Schaefer, Marketing Manager, EMEA, Highspot


How to Take Partnership Global Rebecca McNiven, Director of Services, Partnerize


Building your brand when you have F**K all to talk about Rory McEntee, Brand & Marketing Director, Gymbox


Business Messaging – the hottest trend in marketing? Dario Betti, CEO, MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum)


‘Inclusivity’ Adland has been talking the talk but are we walking the walk? Ellie Edwards-Scott, Co-founder // The Advisory Collective Lisa Goodchild, Founder, Digilearning Jay Richards, Co-founder and CEO, Imagen


Browser Extensions: Augmented Reality of the Web Karl Wood, Managing Director - EMEA, JoinPiggy


Summary of the key themes that emerged from the morning sessions


GlaxoSmithKline Innovation Pitch Jeremy Basset, CEO, Co:Cubed Jason Andree, Head of Global Content & Earned Media, GSK

Introduction from Jeremy Basset
Challenge outline from Jason Andree

Followed by finalist pitches from:
Oscar Trelles, Chief Revenue Officer, Instapanel
Samuel Willdridge Kalepa, Account Director, Miappi
Kinvara Bentley, Head of Sales, Adludio
Sam Frost, Sales Executive, Spirable
Alex Barron, Founder & CEO, Triyit UK
Leah Hutcheon, Founder & CEO, Appointedd

The winner will then be announced live.


Summary of upcoming afternoon sessions, Polls + Competitions


Powering Christmas: How data helped Boots drive online growth Peter Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, Boots UK


How to speak Addressable TV in Europe Ronan Bourgeois, International Strategic Accounts Director, RTL AdConnect


Why good, old-fashioned media’s never been more exciting Natalie Bell, Chief Executive Officer, Manning Gottlieb OMD


Work smarter, not harder: 3 ways to stay agile in 2021 Karl Stone, Regional Manager - Europe, dotdigital


Purple Bricks- time to transform home selling all over again Ben Carter, Chief Marketing Officer, Purple Bricks


Why Marketing is Being Done Wrong (and how to do it better post-pandemic) Oli Marlow Thomas, Founder,


Polls + Competition


Customer Experience is more important than brand Monika Schulze, Head of Innovation & Market Management, Zurich


Something Blue Honeih Etemadi, Head of Business Development, THG Ingenuity


9 things we learned marketing a startup Giles Rhys Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, what3words


How to avoid being sacked when using hyper-personalization Rasmus Houlind, Chief Experience Officer, Agillic A/S


Polls + Competitions


Make Good Shit Happen Steve McCarron, Co-Founder & Strategy Director, The Planning Department


National Theatre: putting audiences at the heart of recovery Alex Bayley, Chief Marketing Officer, The National Theatre


How AI is transforming your creative decision making Stefan Britton, Commercial Director, Datasine


4 ways to make people actually care about your brand on social Adam Middleton, Creative Strategist, Channel 4 Television


Taking any challenge as a Creative Opportunity Sophie Green, Managing Partner, TAKUMI


Digital Transformation requires new hiring profiles Maria von Scheel-Plessen, Global Head of Media, Montblanc


CLOSING SUMMARY - What have we learnt, what can we expect for the rest of 2021 moving FORWARD


ALF Insight On Brand Podcast - Rory Sutherland with Shamil Thakrar Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK Shamil Thakrar, Co-founder, Dishoom In partnership with ALF Insight,

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