60 seconds with...Craig Fenton, Director Strategy & Operations, Google

By MAD//Fest Editors14 November, 2018

Google Director Strategy & Innovation Craig Fenton has 60 seconds of your time to explain what’s now, new and next in tech.

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What’s excited you in marketing, advertising and disruptive tech?

How fast it is changing.

What are your biggest challenges?

Staying restless and relentless.

What’s your top emerging trend for 2019?

AI enhanced customer experience.

What are your priorities for the year ahead?

Helping partners power through uncertainty.

Is marketing and innovation everything in business?

Almost, strategy is also important.


Provides something users find useful.

What’s your favourite city?


What are you talking about at MAD//Fest?

Fighting friction: how truly innovative brands succeed

Craig will be speaking at 12:50 on 29 Nov on the Headline Stage.

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