Coming soon to your office: new digital assistant Uma to launch at MAD//Fest

By Dan Brain, Content & Marketing Director, MAD//Fest London13 November, 2018

A new digital assistant is heading your way and you only have to wait a couple of weeks to meet Uma, the voice technology designed to make us more productive in the workplace.

Developed by Ammi Systems, Uma will launch live at MAD//Fest London on 28 Nov at 1255 as part of Find your voice, a special session on the future of voice and digital assistants featuring leading voice experts and VUX World podcast presenter Kane Simms.

Kane will be joined by leading brands and innovation leaders from the Voice2 group, the UK’s ‘voice-first’ and conversational AI community. As well as providing a first glimpse of Uma, the panel will explore the technology available for businesses to improve consumer engagement, experience and enterprise productivity.

You can also meet Uma at the Ammi Systems mini lounge at MAD//Fest.

So once you’ve said goodbye to Alexa or Google Assistant in the morning, what will Uma do for you at work?

Uma checks and manages your calendar to simplify the process of organising and booking meeting space. She learns your meeting room preferences and will be able to capture meeting actions. Uma also provides unique data-driven insight into the use of your facilities and enterprise software.

Seamlessly integrating with G-Suite and Office365, you can communicate with Uma via enterprise chat platforms including Slack, Microsoft Teams and Skype, or your own voice.

In other words, Uma uses cutting-edge voice technology to organise your day and enable enterprises to boost efficiency and productivity.

“Voice is arguably the next huge disruption to brands,” says Stephen Milner, Ammi Systems’ Founder & CEO.

“Comscore predict that 50% of all searches will be via voice by 2020. Brands need to act now to make the most of the opportunity voice presents and Uma shows us what is already possible in this rapidly changing space,” he added.

As they say, the early bird catches the worm!

The launch of Uma and Finding your voice panel takes place on 28 Nov at 1255. Click here to register your interest.

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