What's going on in the Pub of Things?

By Dan Brain, Content & Marketing Director, MAD//Fest London24 November, 2018

Not only is there a lot of beer in our pop up pub, there's some cool tech to experience too…

When we decided to ditch the traditional expo style event in favour of building a pub, we were thinking of Pub 1.0 - a sociable space where you can get a pint and chat to old mates or complete strangers at the bar.

A chance conversation with Sharp End Agency Founder Cameron Worth saw us upgrade our ambition and make the decision to build The MAD//Fest Arms: The Pub of Things.

The good news is that the pub still has lots of beer. But thanks to Sharp End, Pepsi, Walker's and Pernod-Ricard, it now features a range of integrations that have been designed to show how brands are embracing technology innovation across their products and spaces.

As you might expect, IoT is the focus of the tech in The MAD//Fest Arms. So swing by and check out how NFC is being deployed at scale to connect with consumers directly via brand products.

Take a look an on-demand ordering service that eliminates queuing and an example of how tech can be used to drive footfall.

Finally, check out our connected beer tap for a fun demonstration of how IoT might shape the future of the pub.

"The MAD//Fest Arms is a taste of what's possible in IoT for brand,” says Cameron Worth, founder of Sharp End.

“We're looking forward to providing a practical demonstration of how technology can enable new experiences in the Great British pub and meeting brands who are intrigued at the marketing potential of connected products.”

Why not arrange a 1to1 meeting with a MAD//Fest attendee and check out the experience together? Download our app here (you'll need it to get in the show anyway).

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