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Throwing a picnic for the UK’s top 1000 advertisers + agencies on a beach and putting your smartest people and products in front of prospects - what’s not to like?

MAD//Picnic is a new breed summer bash fusing fun in the sun, interactive content, one-to-one meetings, live brand challenges, immersive tech experiences, rockstar keynotes, DJs, entertainment and the stars of the UK street food scene. It’s sociable, daringly different and there’s no snoozefest presentations to curb your enthusiasm.

If your idea of a good event is creating new connections, fixing brand challenges and generating leads from an invite-only audience, get in touch with Ian Houghton to find out how MAD//Picnic will enable you to outsmart the competition.


Why sponsor?

Be connected - make meeting the UK’s top 500 brands a piece of cake by using our nifty 1to1 meetings app. You can even neatly export leads into your CRM.

Lots & lots of leads - Use our app to work the room and fuel your pipeline with new prospects. You won’t get this opportunity sat at your desk!

More fun = better business - MAD//Picnic is energetic, entertaining and an essential experience for brands and tech pioneers who don’t fancy being talked at all day in a dull conference.

Give your sales teams the right tools - You could stalk brands at their nearest after work boozer. You could painstakingly organise meetings that get cancelled. Or just meet them all on one day at MAD//Picnic...

Fix brand pains, outsmart the competition - Got the perfect solution for the UK’s top 500 brands? Make sure they know about it and get the edge on the competition.

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