1. Describe 2022 in three words… 

Turbulent, quick, eventful.

2. Plug those words in What3Words for your 2023 Holiday destination. Where are you going and what’s the vibe?Looks like I’m escaping to Alaska - surely nothing can go wrong there?

3. Asda, ALDI, John Lewis, Boots or someone else? Which Christmas ad won your heart and mind in 2022? 
I’m a sucker for an emotional Christmas Ad (I’m not crying, you’re crying). This year though, I really enjoyed Sky Cinema’s festive ad.

4. What’s your favourite ad/campaign of 2022?
Deadpool 3!

5. Mark Zuckerberg has asked to create your perfect Christmas in the metaverse. Where are you, who is cooking and what entertainment have you got lined-up?
I’m deep in the Shropshire Countryside and the snow is falling, dinner cooked up by Mary Berry and Hugh Jackman is performing a live rendition of The Greatest Showman.

6. What do you want in your Christmas stocking in the old fashioned real world?
Bit big, but I finally need a proper chair to WFH. I’m starting to look like the early stages of The Evolution of Man with my posture.

7. Elon Musk has gifted you a place on twitter’s board for Christmas. What would you do to turn it around?
 Fire Elon Musk!

8. What’s going to be hot in marketing in 2023? 
Measurement finally evolves in earnest, CTV explodes in EMEA, talking about the metaverse with little action.

9. How can marketers and brands ride the storm in 2023?
Continue to advertise, double-down on partners that perform, continue to innovate and don’t fall back on old habits which are ineffective.

10. 2023 is the Chinese year of the water rabbit, which symbolises longevity, peace and prosperity. What are you hoping for in the year ahead in the world of marketing and advertising?
I’ll take some of what the Water Rabbit’s having!

11. Top tip for 2023: What brand should we all be looking out for next year?
 23 will be led by the significant growth of more brands with sustainability as a guiding principle.

And finally…

12. Mince Pies - Christmas food heaven or hell?
HEAVEN - make sure you pour on the cream!

Peter Wallace is General Manager, EMEA at GumGum.