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Looking to give your team the bedrock of behavioural science knowledge, intelligent thinking + creative confidence to lead your business’ marketing + sales transformation?

MAD//Masters goes further than other courses go. The MAD//Masters experience goes further than your average course.

Your team will not only gain insightful content from one of the world’s top advertising authorities, they will also undertake a group experience designed to unlock critical thinking, untapped tactics + creative approaches to addressing business challenges.

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Team benefits

We offer an innovative hybrid, customisable learning + development solution including:

  • A hybrid blend of behavioural science + creative innovation learning across on-demand lectures, live Q&A sessions, a Lunch & Learn meet-up at MAD//Fest London, bonus interview sessions, practical case studies + an optional assessment task featuring video feedback from Rory
  • Tailored consultative advice from Rory Sutherland + customisable content options aimed specifically at addressing your business challenges through behavioural science + creative innovation
  • A group learning experience that will give your team to tools a powerful competitive advantage as technology, consumer behaviour and businesses change the marketing + sales game


We work with several of the world’s top brands, agencies, b2b firms, start-ups, publishers + public bodies to deliver Rory’s unique blend of behavioural science thinking, creative innovation + intelligent analysis of insight + data including:

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