6 Ways We're Enhancing Your MAD//Fest Experience

A venue that's twice the size of last year, a central check-in hub, and live streamed content on the big outdoor screen are just some of the ways we have reconfigured MAD//Fest London in 2024.

Eddie Izzard Fireside Chat: Is Purpose BS?

Can purposeful brands make a positive contribution to humanity? Join Eddie Izzard for an interview to help us understand if purpose should be celebrated consigned to the scrapheap of brand marketing, at MAD//Fest London on 3 July.

Have you confirmed your MAD//Fest ticket?

It’s not long now until MAD//Fest opens its doors on 2-4 July - here’s how to confirm your ticket or amend your booking.

AI averse or an AI Adventurer - we need you 🫵

Find out how you stack up in the UK AI Landscape, exclusively at MAD//Fest Take the Plain: AI audit and make this session relevant for you today.

Failing to be bold means you’re bound to fail

In our world of cognitive overload and bombardment being bold is the only option. But disruption without meaning is not enough believes Kantar Marketplace's Head of Creative Excellence, Lynne Deason

How AI and Attention Will Spur a Flight to Media Quality

Creative content producers will use AI to create high-quality content at scale, and much of it will be indistinguishable from the content authors and artists once crafted slowly without AI, argues Marc Guldimann, CEO and Founder, of Adelaide

Philips Marketing Director: Using Consumer Data to Drive Healthcare Behaviour Change

Knowing how to work with data isn’t just useful for driving marketing results - according to Philips’ Leandro Chique, it can also help influence positive consumer behaviour change and improve people’s health. Listen as he talks to Tom Ollerton, in this week's MAD//Fest partner podcast Shiny New Object.

Nestlé: Milking AI for All It's Got

Dragonfly AI outline how Nestlé is a great example of how CPG brands can use AI for good to support more sustainable environmental practices.

Making Brands Magnetic

BrandOpus have been exploring what magnetism might be in the case of brands. The rules of attraction, in life or science, can feel opaque. We’re drawn to people with certain qualities, often difficult to define, but undeniably magnetic. Find out more.

Sir Martin Sorrell To Deliver Election Day Special Keynote

S4 Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell will open MAD//Fest London on 4 July with a keynote focused on growth prospects, AI, and regulatory needs. To Sponsor MAD//Fest Tech Talent Tickets and MAD//Fest have agreed to make 20 MAD//Fest London tickets available to people who have been affected by redundancies in adtech.

Lucky Saint, Liquid Death, Purple Bricks + Who Gives A Crap To Shake Things Up at MAD//Fest

MAD//Fest has always been the home for the disruptors who like to shake things up and challenge the status quo. Find out about four great challenger brands who’ll be speaking this July.

DJs Smokin Jo, Brandon Block and Pete Heller To Headline MAD//Fest Closing Party

Legendary DJs Smokin Jo, Brandon Block, Pete Heller, Gordon Mac and Mark Myers will headline MAD//Fest's closing party on 4 July at the Old Truman Brewery.

Want To See Our New Layout, Book meetings And Get Your E-Ticket? You Need Our App

You need the MAD//Fest app to access the show as it contains your QR code ticket, essential networking tools, and a handy map so you can explore our new layout.

It’s MAD//Fest, But Not As You Know It - Check Out Our 2024 Site Map

You’ll see a very different show this July with more content, spaces and activations across the Old Truman Brewery Estate.

Check Out Our New Live Streaming Stages In Ely’s Yard

Want to network, catch the content, do some work, have something to eat and drink, and see the action from Wimbledon and EURO ‘24? Then you’ll love what we have planned for Ely’s Yard.

MAD//Fest London Preview: Hannnah Fry, Eddie Izzard And L’Oréal CDMO to Headline This Summer’s Biggest Brand Event

Mathematician/Broadcaster Professor Hannah Fry, Actor/Activist Eddie Izzard, and L’Oréal CDMO Laetitia Raoust are among the headline acts speaking at MAD//Fest London on 2-4 July at The Old Truman Brewery.

A Snapshot of Cookieless Testing

The long farewell of third-party cookies continues but as RTB House can confirm, they have had their day. Are you prepared?

Rory Sutherland: AI Isn’t your biggest threat. You are!

This week Rory Sutherland takes an optimist approach and argues that AI is not the danger we make it out to be and that through behavioural science and experimentation, marketers can successfully embrace uncertainty.

Mindful Heroes: Unveiling the Human Narratives of Young Ukrainians Using an AI-Powered Research Platform

It’s often said that young people are the future. So how about Ukraine’s youth today? Bilendi & respondi followed the journeys of 24 young Ukrainians for 4 years for the UNITY programme and IREX.

Innovation to In-Market Success: Maximising Product Strategy for Commercial Gain

Innovation is a vital tool for brands wanting to stay ahead of the pack yet System1 state that an alarming 95% of product innovations fail, which amounts to a huge waste of $6.4 billion. Find out how you can test your innovation.

Last Four Categories Open for Entry in The Independent Agency Awards

There is only one week to enter The Independent Agency awards. Check out the last four categories!

Everything, Everywhere All At Once. Is our obsession with measuring everything getting the better of us?

In his latest column for MAD//Insight, Tony Miller, CMO and marketing consultant, former Disney and Weight Watchers, asks whether marketing’s obsession with measurement is helping brands grow.

‘It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top’

Earlier this month saw the third Little Grey Cells gathering of senior marketers in London. Tim Healey, founder and curator of Little Grey Cells Club, explains the thinking behind his Little Grey cells Club events and reviews the key takeouts from his latest breakfast briefing on Market Orientation.

Four Steps for Foolproofing Attribution in a Cookieless World

Is your strategy prepared for the third-party cookieless future? Vibhor Kapoor, President of AdRoll and Chief Business Officer, NextRolll, shares the important role attribution will play in future-proofing your performance, and 4 tips for strengthening your strategy.

The bigger the brand, the bigger the opportunity to do good. Check out how Unilever leans on AI to make a positive environmental difference.

There are many ethical worries around AI, yet Dragonfly AI takes a positive outlook and argues from predicting storms to improved sourcing of key minerals, that it can make a real positive environmental difference.

Mattel Director of Consumer Products: We strike a balance between boldness and consumer appetite

Mattel’s Director of Consumer Products and MAD//Fest speaker, Ruth Henriquez, talks about the alchemy that has been Mattel’s marketing in the past year, why Liquid Death, (another MAD//Fest speaking brand), are the brand to keep an eye on, and what she’ll be talking about in July on the Hexagon Stage.

Nudgestock, the world’s biggest Behavioural Science festival, returns.

This summer Ogilvy and MAD//Master’s UK’s Rory Sutherland hosts the world’s top marketing psychologists, neuroscientists and behavourial economists, including Jonathan Haidt, live on stage talking Time

PromoVeritas: Take The Be Bold Ice Cream Challenge

PromoVeritas, global prize promotion specialists are asking you to be bold and in return you could win your office FREE ice-cream for the summer!

Bloom & Wild Chief Customer Officer: Your Product Is The Most Important Marketing Tool You Have

In her debut column for MAD//Insight, Charlotte Langley, Bloom & Wild's CCO, writes about how maternity leave led her to realise that brands should spend more time creating a great product or service and talking to customers in a language they understand.

Bayer Global Head Data Driven Marketing: Connecting The Dots Between Media & Creative

Bayer’s Emre Acikel, Global Head of Data Driven Marketing, believes he has discovered a winning recipe for marketing effectiveness: combining media and creative analysis and optimisation to improve ROI by up to 15%. Listen as he talks to Tom Ollerton in the latest episode of MAD//Fest's partner podcast, Shiny New Object.

How Can AI Be Directed To Support Humans As A Primary Focus?

In the first of a series of articles prior to this year's MAD//Fest Dragonfly AI asks, how can AI be more human centric and what areas and needs can AI improve?

Bodacious Founder: Embrace New Fandom Or Get Left Behind

Founder of Bodacious strategy agency and in demand keynote speaker on her specialist topic of Fandom, Zoe Scaman, walks us through how her practice has no set formula and how she has been charting the rise of the new fandom – where brands collaborate with fans on new ideas and products.

MAD//Fest 2024: Spoiler Alert!

If you’re the kind of person who can’t resist a spoiler*, spent your childhood circling what telly to watch in the Radio Times, or just like to have a rough idea of what you’re doing each day, here’s a quick sneak peak of what you can expect to see at MAD//Fest London on 2-4 July at The Old Truman Brewery Estate. *Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's dad!!

It’s Back!! "Best Use Of TikTok" At The Independent Agency Awards

The Alliance of Independent Agencies is thrilled to re-introduce "Best Use of TikTok” in The Independent Agency Awards. Find out more.

Mars Global VP: Employ A Transformation Approach To Marketing

In the latest episode of MAD//Fest's partner podcast, Shiny New Object, Christina Rapsomanikis, Mars' Global VP Digital & e-Commerce, discusses the importance of psychological safety and the practice of foundation and transformation as a basis for successful data driven marketing.

Marketing Lessons From Retail

Danielle Le Toullec, Head of Marketing for True, and MAD//Fest Speaker, dives into the key themes that dominated World Retail Congress last month and what all marketers can learn from them - from embracing customer-centricity to the importance of innovative leadership, and the expanding role of AI

DigiAds at MAD//Fest 2024: Time + Tide Waits for No One

Ben Philips, host of our DigiAds Stage at MAD//Fest, takes us through what to expect this July with John Lewis & Partners, Asos, Deliveroo, Ocado, Boots, and Co-Op all making an appearance.

Allbirds, Just Eat, Bang & Olufsen, Peloton, Liquid Death + BA Join The MAD//Fest Lineup

Join industry leaders, CMOs, and COOs from top, cutting edge brands who'll be tackling MAD//Fest London's 'Fortune Favours The Bold' theme, this July.

Rory Sutherland: Will You Join The Fight Against “Rationalist Reductionism”?

This week Rory Sutherland urges marketers to push back against the more insane beliefs and delusions of the kind of rationalist reductionist, mechanistic school of marketing and finance and wants brands to be more like Amazon.

The Age Of The ‘Rock Star’ Ad Creative Is Over - Teamwork Rules!

In his latest column for MAD//Insight, Rich Denney, joint Chief Creative Officer at St Luke's, says that the industry needs to celebrate the fact that you need an army of people to achieve success and why we should draw inspiration for this from the likes of Emma Stone and Michael Jordan.

Why Brands Can't Afford To Ignore 1:1 Personalisation Any Longer

In today's crowded digital landscape, customers expect brands to deliver personalised experiences tailored just for them. Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns, argues Michael Le, Director of Strategy Media & Tech at Movable Ink

Aligning Sales & Marketing - An Essential, Overlooked Key to Unlocking Value

It may seem that aligning functions like sales and marketing is a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many organisations simply don’t do it. The result, believes Patrick Janssen, Partner Marketing Manager at Cisco, is lowering creative effectiveness, in the latest episode of MAD//Fest's partner podcast, Shiny New Object.

The Conversion Code: Unlocking The Ultimate Growth Lever

Brands spend too much time obsessing over the top of the funnel, pumping resources into their media and comms, but don’t spend the time to optimise what happens next, believes Adam Wright, ex-Director at Growth for Natures Menu and Beiersdorf, in his latest column for MAD//Insight.

ITV Studios CMO: "Deliver The Unexpected Everyday"

In this month's Little Grey Cells interview, Adrian Last, CMO, ITV Studios, discusses how he markets over 90,000 hours of productions – from Love Island to The Graham Norton Show - and why he and his team are not afraid to try new ideas to really push the creative bar.

Thought Leadership Is Dead! Long Live Community Leadership!

In this week's MAD//Insight column Anthony Leung, Founder, Mean Write Hook, believes that Community Leadership is the key to earning the trust of our audience and positively impacting our industry.

Professor Hannah Fry To Give An AI Masterclass At MAD//Fest

The coolest mathematician on the telly will give the MAD//Fest audience on 2 July a keynote about AI, risk taking and emerging innovation.

Why AI Is Still A Shiny New Object In Content Creation

In the latest episode of MAD//Fest's partner podcast, Shiny New Object, Bimbo Bakeries USA's Senior Director of Media, Analytics and Content, Marie Casimir Fallon, talks about the value of AI for brainstorming and repurposing content.

The Independent Agency Awards: Last Call For Entries

The Independent Agency Awards recognises and rewards the very best work UK independent agencies have produced. Be part of the action and enter! Find out more.

Jägermeister Marketing Director: How Pink Sewer Trucks Are Just Like The Nike Swoosh

In this week's column Christian Stindt, Marketing Director for Jägermeister, urges all brands to consider whether their brand is distinctive enough to cut through the attentional filter.

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