Since our inception in 1996, we’ve fostered an inclusive workplace, seeing women thrive in our most senior roles.  With that, our business has evolved into an award-winning agency.

But that’s not the norm.  Despite recent progress in gender equality, there is still work to be done. The scary statistics show that despite making up almost half of the industry workforce, only 39% of senior positions are held by women across marketing and advertising.  For us, that’s not enough.

So, we’re striving to evoke change that transcends our organisation.  We want to influence the sector at large.  

As part of the transition, it’s important to us that we embody the change we want to see in the industry at scale.  We strive to be an inspiration, an example, and a champion of women landing senior roles across the sector.  We want to facilitate conversations and connections, and allow other women in their career journey to envision and achieve a high level future within our beloved industry.

After all, this was the ethos that Helen Hanson founded HEL’s upon; 

‘I always wanted to create a no-blame company culture which was supportive of women.  Often women are played against each other, but I’ve always tried to employ women who can learn from one another rather than work against each other.’

Starting out in the 90s, Helen saw women in the field were often objectified or overlooked, but staying true to her values and vision, Helen employed inclusively with character and integrity.  This ethos remains today, resulting in an all-female senior leadership team that steers us with empathy, ambition and most importantly, inclusivity.

We’re a team built on human connection, that inspires and empowers one another daily.  Our passion is shared across the board, with our senior team all acknowledging the importance of acting as ambassadors for change and as inspirational figures in marketing and advertising.

That’s why we’re sponsoring the MAD//Fest Female Leaders’ Bar.  

An opportunity too good to miss, all that it promises to be is all that we’re striving to achieve.

Supporting the MAD//Fest Female Leaders’ Bar is just one step, and there’s more to be done.   But for now, it’s one step to inspire ambitious women.   It’s one step to promote visibility and celebration of female achievements.  It’s one step that will help us walk away from gender inequity in marketing and advertising, a journey that HEL’s has been on since 1996.