Turning “one day” into today – time isn’t on our side

E.ON wants to turn ‘one day’ into today to help fight the climate crisis. In leading the energy transition E.ON’s quest is to get renewable solutions such as solar, EV and heat pumps into as many homes and businesses across Britain as possible. At this summer’s MAD//Fest they were on the hunt for a marketing solution which will enable speed this adoption of renewable products (which can help save customers money as well as help cut emissions). 

Scott Somerville, Chief Marketing Officer, E.ON UK told the audience The science behind our understanding of the climate crisis hasn’t fundamentally changed in years but what has drastically altered is the time we have left to do something about it. So we’re on the look out for start-ups that can help us reach even more people, in ever more impactful ways.”

Inkpact stole the show and won the pitch with an impressive, ‘human touch’ solution - genuinely handwritten notes that are sent at scale and triggered across the customer journey.

Inkpact’s Senior Client Partnership Manager, James Leet-Cook, outlined their handwritten communication solution: “When was the last time that you had a genuinely handwritten note, with a stamp that came through your letterbox that you didn't open? If you're anything like me, never. You think it's a message from a friend or it's an invitation. There's a big pile of mail that doesn't get open. But if it's handwritten, I certainly will open it.”

This highly personalised approach, as the theory goes, is meant to make your customers feel valued because someone's taken the time to actually write to you and genuinely hand write it. 

The theory is backed up by the results: “For marketing emails, I believe it's around an open rate of 22%. We get a 99% open rate.” Elaborating with stats from Inkpact’s clients, Leet-Cook said: “Sweaty Betty had 30% of the recipients go on to make a purchase within three weeks of receiving a note and Orlebar Brown, who we've been working with for a few years, report that  they have seen a 50% increase in transactions” 

To top off the impressive results was the heartwarming fact that as a social enterprise, Inkpack have a 1,500 Strong ‘scribe tribe’ which made up of single parents, grandparents, and junior doctors, as well as working with Macmillan Cancer as well. It means a huge amount to them and really does change their lives.

To find out more about Inkpact and their winning solution watch the full pitch here

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