Honestly, downloading an app in a rush whilst on your way into MAD//Fest isn’t a cool look, especially when you could have used it to plan your visit, book meetings and know where you’re going. 

Just like in previous years, you need the MAD//Fest app to get into the show as it contains your e-ticket (a QR code). 

The app has got a  cool new feature that prolific networkers are sure to love - you can now connect with attendees and organise a 1to1 meeting.

The app is also the place to check out the latest agenda, speakers and delegate list.

Get the latest version of the app HERE on IOS or Android.

Please ensure that you register for the app using the same email address as you used to register for MAD//Fest London 2024.


If you don’t have auto-updates on for apps, make sure you’re in the latest version! Here’s how on IOS or Android.

Then, sign in! If you forgot your password, you can reset it. You may need to switch events to be able to join the MAD//Fest London 2024 event. Still can’t get in? Tap “Update Profile” and change your profile’s email address to the exact same one you used to register for MAD//Fest London 2024.