Renowned Futurist and FutureScape 248 founder Shivvy Jervis has called on brands to embrace the storytelling potential of mixed reality technology.

Shivvy, who delivered a unique 99//Club Digital Festival talk in rhythm and rhyme, explained why mixed reality is a such a flexible format and a powerful tool for brands looking to tell authentic, compelling stories.

“We get to choose a version of immersion that audiences will see, mixed reality lets you switch it up from to B2B, B2C or B2B2C”, said Shivvy. “Whatever permutation, we’re just looking for real true storytelling, not shouty slogans or pouty Insta faces, that’s just too much hard-selling.”

Featuring  99 second talks from brands including VICE, Starling Bank, Heinz, Just-Eat, Not On The High St and O2, MAD//Fest and New Digital Age’s 99//Club brought together over 3,400 industry execs over 5 days in June. All the daily sessions are available here.