Official beer partner for MAD//Fest 2024, Gipsy Hill Brewing Company, has brewed a lager especially for this July’s event. As they themselves state: “A festival so great, it deserves a beer named after it!”

This year MAD//Fest is awash with some great brand partnerships. However, this July MAD//Fest, in partnership with the brilliant people at Gipsy Hill Brewing Co, has gone a step further with the launch of its own festival beer! 

As the can itself says, “A festival so great, it deserves a beer named after it!” Therefore, from 2 to 4 July, for one week only, attendees will be able to quench their thirst with a can of Gipsy Hill MAD//Fest Lager! 

Gipsy Hill's and MAD//Fest's lager has a rather good and positive backstory. Not only is it a classically light and crisp lager, (with refreshing florals and a lick of melon, for the connoisseurs reading this), but perhaps most importantly, it does not harm the planet, as it is brewed with regeneratively grown, bio-diverse barley and is carbon negative!  

The MAD//Fest lager can in all its glory

Gipsy Hill Brewing Co has been nestled at the bottom of Crystal Palace since 2014 and has been challenging the larger brewers with its signature IPA Hepcat, (which is also on the drinks menu for MAD//Fest). Employee-owned since 2021 and the brewers of the world’s first off-set free carbon negative beers. With a range of five brews in their core range, and a whole heap of experimental specials – Gipsy Hill’s mission is to serve up delicious pints to the good people of London.

Co-founder of Gipsy Hill and MAD//Fest 2024 speaker Sam McMeekin said of the partnership and MAD//Fest lager, “MAD//Fest 2024 will be Gipsy Hill’s largest sampling event in its 10 years of brewing! MAD//Fest they had seen the work we had been doing with offset-free carbon-negative brewing and backed it so much they wanted to bring that to their festival in a couple of week’s time!” He added, “It shows the shift that festivals and businesses are not just thinking about how delicious their beers are, but how they are positively impacting the planet too.”

MAD//Fest Content Director, (and resident of Gipsy Hill), Luke Wilcox said, “It's great to collaborate with Gipsy Hill. Not only do their beers taste great but we're very excited to be able to give our attendees a real festival experience, whilst also showing that having a good time and being better stewards of the environment can go hand in hand."