Independent agencies are like no other – bound by a shared spirit of independence, ideas, and purpose. We’re proud to unite and celebrate the most distinct and innovative work from independent agencies, and there is no better way to do so then with the biggest celebration of the year - The Independent Agency Awards 2023.

This years awards include 24 categories that span the many disciplines and skills across the independent agency landscape – so every dynamic independent agency will find a category that feels right to them, from PR to retail, social media to brand experience, and even categories represented by our partners Google, StackAdapt and more! All categories will be judged on Strategy, Execution and Effectiveness.

Being part of an agency that values its independence is a source of great pride. It's a truly rewarding experience to have your finest work recognised and praised by both clients and peers in the industry. This kind of recognition not only boosts agency morale but also supports new business initiatives and building agency profile.

The awards will take place at MAD//Fest, the evening of 4th July.

Looking ahead to 2023, we have an opportunity to build upon the tremendous success of the 2022 Independent Agency Awards. Given the exceptional talent, energy, and agilty of the participating agencies, we felt it was appropriate to showcase their outstanding work through an equally talented, energetic, and adaptable trade show. By partnering with MAD//Fest once again, we can provide a platform for our agencies to display their exceptional work and give them the recognition they deserve on a large stage.

With that in mind, what work have you done in the last year that you’re most proud of?

We want to hear about it!

If you or your team has delivered something outstanding in the last year, it deserves to be remembered. Check out our past winners and entry categories – our early-bird deadline is 10th March.

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