There is only one week to enter The Independent Agency awards. Check out the last four categories!

As the 31st May deadline for The Independent Agency Awards rapidly approaches, we're excited to announce that there are four prestigious categories open for entries. These categories offer agencies the chance to showcase their innovative campaigns and outstanding leadership. Here's an overview of the final opportunities to enter:

Best Use of Google Media

In the digital marketing realm, mastery of Google’s platforms can significantly elevate a campaign’s success. This category celebrates the most effective and creative use of Google Media, including Google Search, Display, YouTube, and Google Ads. Entries should demonstrate how the strategic use of these platforms resulted in measurable success and impactful results. Whether it's through innovative targeting, engaging video content, or seamless integration across Google’s suite of products, this award recognizes the campaigns that truly maximized the potential of Google Media.

Best Use of TikTok

TikTok has become a powerhouse in the social media landscape, offering unique opportunities for brands to engage with a vast and diverse audience. The Best Use of TikTok category seeks to honour the most creative and effective campaigns on this platform. Entries should showcase how brands leveraged TikTok’s unique features, such as short-form videos, challenges, and influencer collaborations, to drive engagement and achieve their marketing goals. The judges will be looking for originality, creativity, and tangible results that demonstrate the power of TikTok in modern marketing strategies.

Best International Campaign – sponsored by Microsoft Advertising

Marketing on a global scale requires a nuanced understanding of diverse markets, cultures, and consumer behaviours. The Best International Campaign category is designed to recognize campaigns that have successfully navigated these complexities to deliver outstanding results across multiple countries. Entries should highlight the strategic approach taken to adapt the campaign for different regions, the creativity involved in the execution, and the overall impact achieved. This award celebrates the agencies that have excelled in crafting campaigns that resonate on a global stage, demonstrating both innovation and cultural sensitivity.

MAD//Fest Female Leaders Club Award

At MAD//Fest, we are committed to promoting diversity and recognizing the contributions of female leaders in the marketing and advertising industry. The MAD//Fest Female Leaders Club Award is dedicated to celebrating outstanding female leaders who have made significant impacts in their organizations and the broader industry. This award seeks to honour those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to driving positive change. Nominees should exhibit a strong track record of professional achievements, mentorship, and advocacy for diversity and inclusion within the industry.

How to Enter

Entries for these categories are open until 31st May To submit your campaign or nominate a female leader, visit our website at Detailed entry criteria and submission guidelines can be found for each category, ensuring you have all the information needed to showcase your best work.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain recognition for your exceptional campaigns and leadership. Enter today and join us in celebrating the best in independent agency talent at The Independent Agency Awards.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact

Good luck to all entrants, and we look forward to celebrating your achievements at MAD//Fest on the 2nd July!