Last Wednesday, the great and the good of the advertising world gathered at the iconic Tate Modern for fine wine, brilliant hors d’oeuvres and the wonderful launch of SmartFrame Technologies unique image-streaming tech that’s revolutionising the photography industry.

Rob Sewell, CEO of SmartFrame Technologies opined that the launch, “Went down a storm! Advertisers and agencies had a great night, whilst also learning of our history and our unique first to market image streaming network. We had some amazing feedback on our new sustainable advertising model and are looking forward to rolling it out globally.’’

Here are the main take-aways from a great return to an in-real-life product launch.

1. Demise of the cookie and rise of contextual ad targeting

The global market for Contextual Advertising estimated at US$157.4 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$335.1 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 13.3%

As Catherine Cribbin, Contextual Lead at IAB outlined at the start of the evening, “The demise of the cookie places contextual advertising front and centre of the ad tech ecosystem.” In addition to this Google’s plans to cease behavioural targeting many point to contextual marketing as a potential alternative. Contextual targeting combines relevance with the scale without the need for cookies, in a privacy compliant manner. Catherine Cribbin thinks that SmartFrame's first to market patented image-streaming technology “represents a great step forward for contextual targeting''

2. Drawbacks of AI in image advertising

AI-based image recognition is sophisticated enough to give us an idea of an image’s subject, but even the most advanced systems can only do so much. SmartFrame’s unique relationships with image libraries allow us to access comprehensive metadata sets, which give us a far better idea of what’s going on in an image. In a sporting image, for example, this kind of information may include the name of a specific player, the location in which a game is being played, and even the specific game itself. Combining this level of information with anonymized user location and device information creates a highly informed foundation for contextual ad targeting.

3. SmartFrame: first to market with patented in image-streaming technology for AdTech

SmartFrame’s in-image contextual pioneering ad technology is set to change the face of the internet and help eliminate the threat of online image theft, enable online advertising that improves the user experience, maximises  ad performance and it doesn’t require third-party cookies or any other form of tracking code.

SmartFrame allows content owners and brands to protect their assets and present them in the best possible way, while also allowing publishers to source and embed high-quality images, and for everyone to generate new revenue streams by way of in-image ads. As Fergus McKenna, Content Sales Director for Reach PLC commented, “we believe the partnership with SmartFrame will take our collections to the next level.”  

 4. Promotional launch offer

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