With CAN's Conscious Thinking Live in person event just two weeks away, it would be great to see you and your colleagues there.

Sponsored by Good-Loop and supported by MAD//Fest and flagship agencies UM, Initiative and Reprise, under the parent company Mediabrands, CAN will aim to inspire and encourage innovation, focused around our seven manifestos and advocacy work.  You will be challenged to think more consciously about advertising and our role in funding a healthy media environment.

So…what can you expect at The CONSCIOUS THINKING event?

An advertising masterclass fit for the future, focused on world leading strategies that build brands commercially and ethically. It is an opportunity to learn what leadership looks like, as well as to interrogate advertising’s role in tackling some of the world’s knottiest problems - diversity, equity and inclusion, anti-hate and disinformation.

Join us for an honest, engaging and much-needed discussion as we explore:

  • Measuring the Carbon Footprint of an Industry with No Legs
  • Combating climate misinformation: there is no single definition of climate misinformation and yet it represents one of the biggest threats to climate action and preventing the catastrophic effects of #ClimateChange. 
  • ‘Brands’ role in tackling LGBTQIA+ hate in the media
  • In the Era of Woke-Washing: Did Changing your Logo Change the World?
  • Improving Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) quality for the global media industry

And more…

Here is a whistle stop tour of the line-up so far:


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