In today’s age of increasingly fragmented content, where fierce competition exists for consumers’ attention, The Meaningful Media Podcast explores how trusted, engaging and influential media can connect with and engage different audiences. Episodes feature lively conversations with luminaries from across the media ecosystem, from leading marketers and academics to strategists and consumers. 

Now in its second season, the podcast’s has explored topics from leveraging gaming, the second largest entertainment market unlocking the power of fandom,  winning back consumer trust through ‘slow media’,  and unpacking the opportunities of AI for the media experience and brand building

At MAD//Fest DigiAds Stage on July 4 at 2pm, Meaningful Media Podcast host Ben Downing, Global Managing Director, Ethical Media & Strategic Partnerships, Havas Media Group, will host a special episode before a live audience. 

Going back 15 years in time the global financial crisis was the most serious economic event since the Great Depression. Then came Covid-19 – a once-in-a century pandemic. After this, the largest European land war since the Second World War. Then, the greatest rise in inflation of the post-war period. It’s what some have termed the polycrisis. How do we understand what matters for people, for businesses, for brands, for media, for our future, and for good growth in this current context? Havas’ Meaningful Brands™ Index – which asks global consumer citizens what matters to them and why - has understood what makes brands matter and how meaningful media drives good growth for some fifteen years. It’s shown brands how to weather a period of unprecedented disruption. New findings from the latest Meaningful Brands ™ study released in May 2023 have found that consumers have moved from an age of cynicism to where we are today – amidst the polycrisis – where they expect brands to do more for them than ever. It’s the ‘Me-conomy’. The ‘Me-conomy’ is now.

The study demonstrates that while brands’ actions to drive societal progress, inclusion and sustainable behaviors have become more important and expected, people are examining everything through the lens of “me” in the face of more challenging and uncertain times. In the ‘Me-conomy’ brands need to act decisively to drive social change and progress, but they’re also expected to provide everyday joy, support mental well-being, make life easier, offer affordable indulgences and more.

In this riveting conversation with leading industry voices, host Ben Downing will discuss what it takes to be a Meaningful Brand today and how to gallop through the clattering storm of noise to create meaningful media experiences squarely anchored in a responsible framework.

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