Rebrands are part and parcel of marketing life and here at MAD//Fest things are no different. As such, we are very pleased to announce that this July our much loved bar will be known as 'The Channel Factory Arms' a MAD//Fest pub.

This creative collaboration between Channel Factory and MAD//Fest will ensure that the festival bar, The Channel Factory Arms, will remain the beating heart of this summer's industry's grand opening event.

Quite literally at the centre of the two-day outdoor festival, that will bring together 4,000 marketers and brand leaders, 'The Channel Factory Arms' will host all networking, fun, games, competitions, and DJs. And as you won't have seen your industry pals and peers for well over a year, to help with your reintegration into normal life, (where people meet in-person), all the drinks will be free! (That is not a typo, yes, DRINKS ARE ON CHANNEL FACTORY!)

Channel Factory's Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Lauren Douglass said of the new creative partnership and launching of the 'Channel Factory Arms', "MAD//Fest 2021 is going to be the media coming out event of the year. With a nod to our new reality of hybrid and virtual events, the two-day festival will incorporate the best of both worlds by inviting guests in person in an innovative outdoor environment. MAD//Fest organizers always do it right, and Channel Factory is proud to partner with them to drive conversations on creativity and media innovation this summer. Together. And IN REAL LIFE!"

Meanwhile, Ian Houghton, co-founder and Commercial Director of MAD//Fest said, "We're so excited to be partnering with Channel Factory - a real global titan of the creative technology and data industry. With expertise that spans the innovation-driven worlds of digital advertising, publishing, media and tech, they are the epitome of a MAD//Fest partner, forward thinking and creative. 'The Channel Factory Arms' at MAD//Fest will be the hub of the action, where we all ditch zoom, meet again, have fun, and discuss as an industry, 'where do we go from here?'

Billed as the ‘long overdue industry reunion gathering’, over 4,000 marketers are expected to attend MAD//Fest London, which is the first ever major UK marketing festival to take place mostly outside rather than in a traditional venue. MAD//Fest London is also the first industry event of 2021 to take place in hybrid form, meaning visitors can attend the event in-person or via MAD//Fest London’s virtual platform.

A limited number of preview rate tickets are available HERE.