Emily Heath, Rexona / Sure’s Senior Global Brand Manager at Unilever, said that they are still trying to grapple with and adapt to consumers’ ever changing routines post covid. 

In the short interview on THE FIFTH’S VIP roof terrace at this summer’s MAD//FEST Heath said: “One of the biggest things that we're trying to still navigate is that people's habits and attitudes and behaviours have completely changed.” She went on to say: “I work on what's called a personal care brand. And during the pandemic, people really got into different sorts of routines when it came to their personal care. And we're having to really navigate that.”

Heath also outlined how people’s media habits have also changed, adding another layer of complexity to her job: “You’re no longer reliant on certain channels. Overlaying on the new channels, such as Tik Tok, absolutely exploded.”

Watch her short interview here, in which she also talks about why it’s dangerous for marketers to always have their heads turned by the next shiny thing, and why bringing value doesn't necessarily mean that creating a cheaper option.

‘MAD//Fest Moments’ is a series, in partnership with THE FIFTH in which prominent industry leaders share emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. We’ll be covering these interviews over the rest of the Summer and Autumn in MAD//Insight.