Being the Director of Omnichannel & CRM for Moet Hennessy has led Luis Spencer Freitas to focusing on working with data on his brand’s consumers and honing in on how to provide a seamless consumer experience.

Having built his career in agency initially, Luis thinks back to learnings from the early days, such as: “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good.” During our chat about his Shiny New Object, this became an essential motto.

Luis’ Shiny New Object is AI and data, especially used in the context of customer journeys and brand touchpoints. By using data effectively, brands can enhance the way consumers interact with their products. This is valid beyond the field of technology, where data and AI took off and succeeded initially.

Some shining examples Luis mentioned were Spotify and Fitbit. He particularly commends Spotify for being so good at capturing their listeners’ tastes when recommending playlists. For Luis, they are 50% correct, which is a fantastic conversion rate.

But what about a non-technology brand using data to enhance its interactions with customers?

Luis believes that anyone can create a data roadmap, starting with common sense assumptions about your customers and creating hypotheses that you would then test in order to gather relevant data.

This is where not letting perfect get in the way of good comes in, as you’ll likely fail on some hypotheses. However, Luis believes in choosing the right testing methods: “I’d rather be wrong with my hypothesis on a piece of content that I post on social than on a campaign that is going to cost me millions of dollars and run for three months.”

Luis’ final word of advice on using data is: “Use common sense to make assumptions. Use data to finalise and solidify.”

For more on Luis’ advice to new starters in marketing, his love of Netflix, and his data road mapping process, check out the podcast in full here.

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