Catherine’s Shiny New Object is actually the brand new partnership between Automated Creative and Eagle Eye, with its exciting combination of AI data sampling and use of insights in advertising.

When Catherine ran her own marketing agency a few years back, she was confronted with a last-minute disaster before launching a campaign centred on National BBQ Week: the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, which led to months of work being dropped at the eleventh hour. As one of her major career screw-ups, this event taught her the importance of being aware of what’s going on around her and of putting in place mitigating measures.

During our ever-changing circumstances as we navigate the current health crisis, this attitude of always being “able to think of how you can mitigate disasters” is a useful tool for Catherine in her role working on digital activation for a number of brands.

On the podcast, we talk about her favourite learning tools and books and how she has been using psychology courses to better understand people and communicate.

It’s all about listening: “If you can understand people, you can communicate with them.”

In her digital activation work, Catherine uses this understanding to help brands develop an omnichannel, personalised approach in communicating with their consumers.

And this is where her Shiny New Object comes in – the collaboration with Automated Creative, which will allow Eagle Eye to understand how consumers are engaging with their ads and track them down the path to purchase into physical shops (rather than following a consumer’s online purchasing journey).

The prospect of  combining online advertising, personalisation and real-world redemption will enable brands to be more reactive than has been previously possible. As Catherine says, “you’ll know you’re hitting the right buttons with the consumer.”

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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