Technology is helping brands to capitalise on a booming audio advertising sector, according to AdsWizz Business Development Director Ella Kerr-McCutcheon.

Filmed as part of MAD//Fest and AdsWizz’s ‘MAD//Fest Moments’ video series at MAD//Fest London last month, Ella Kerr-McCutcheon said that the advent of programmatic technology in audio advertising is enabling brands to reach large audiences with precision: “What I love about what we do at AdsWizz is that we help marketers, brands and agencies to reach nuanced and diverse audiences at scale.”

In the video Ella Kerr-McCutcheon also explains why now is the time for action on diversity and shares her enthusiasm for ‘companion ads’, which combine audio and video to create more immersive and contextually relevant advertising.

According to Statistica, the global audio advertising sector is set to be worth $5.9bn this year. It’s expected to grow by more than 11% annually, reaching $9.2bn by 2025. 

For Ella Kerr-McCutcheon, new innovation enhances the intrinsic strengths of audio advertising: “Nothing beats the engagement or recall of an audio ad. I’ve got a 4 year-old and it’s amazing when we’re driving along and he’s signing the tune of an ad. This has always been one of the reasons why brands traditionally want to use audio. But I think due to the pandemic and the fact that we’ve got 25bn streams coming on to the market, it’s exploded.”

Recorded live at MAD//Fest London 2021 - the first major in-person industry event to take place since the pandemic - ‘MAD//Fest Moments’ provides a snapshot on the marketing priorities of leaders at brands including KFC, Klarna, Gymshark, Boots and Beavertown, as well as industry figureheads such as S4 Executive Chairman, Sir Martin Sorrell.

Produced in partnership with programmatic audio specialists AdsWizz and shot by Shootsta, the interview series will focus on how top brands have adapted to the pandemic, new innovation and growth opportunities.

AdsWizz provides audio advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers of any size, including the world’s largest and fastest-growing audio ad marketplace.

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