At the beginning of the year we did some research to understand what people think about plant-based ingredients as a source of energy.

We surveyed over 2000 people and found that if people are shown the ingredients list alone, 8/10 people chose the plant-based ingredients of a TENZING over the artificial ingredients of traditional energy drinks. 80 percent!

I found this incredibly interesting as it shows that many of the choices in our life stem from habit. Some of these choices even contradict our own values, but very often we don’t take the time to challenge those choices.

People are led by deeply engraved marketing memory structures around extreme sports, F1 and monster trucks. Yet, if people knew what was in their energy drinks, the majority would choose our plant-based energy.

So we thought let’s do a live experiment on social media. We sent out hundreds of packs, giving people the choice between two energy drinks. Ours and that of Red Bull Sugar Free.

Now on a shelf we know that (for now…) the majority would still choose Red Bull. But, with this box all they had to go by was the ingredients. Of course it’s a risk, because we can’t control what people will choose.

But, we were quite confident people would choose energy purely from plants and they did! Everyone chose a TENZING – live on their stories! This created great, genuine content of people choosing what they actually want which reached over 12million people.

We’ve taken it a step further and put our entire TENZING community to the test. We’ve created an interactive Instagram filter which asks people which ingredients they would rather.

People have the option of energising themselves with ingredients like Green Coffee, Guarana and Lemon Juice? Or with Sodium Benzonate, Pantothenic Acid and Xanthan Gum? Well, what would you choose?