Narsingh Dixit is the Digital Growth Marketing Manager at Unilever, while also teaching digital marketing to young as well as experienced professionals, at BrainStation.  Narsingh has focused on marketing throughout his career, but going out of his way to diversify the industries and the approaches he's taken. This has allowed him to get a holistic view of what it takes to run a business, understand and respond to an audience, and always look to evolve your brand.

Narsingh's Shiny New Object is personalisation. This doesn’t just mean targeted ads which we know have become disruptive and often irrelevant, but leveraging first-party data, context vs. a linear consumer journey, and AI, to come up with an agile marketing strategy that responds to consumers’ needs at all times. 

Find out more of his top marketing tips and how Narsingh sees the future of marketing. 

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.