About MAD//Masters

There's a hell of a lot going on in 2022. Disruption is endemic across industries. The pandemic has supercharged disruptive marketing trends, shifting the balance of power + creating a new hierarchy of players, people + platforms. But look past the scary stuff + there's unbound opportunities for savvy brands + marketers.

MAD//Fest + legendary adman Rory Sutherland have joined forces to help marketers adapt, make sense of accelerated disruption + turn upheaval into competitive advantage.

MAD//Masters by Rory Sutherland is a 12 week personal development programme. It’s created, hosted + assessed by Rory - one of the most influential + charismatic leaders in the global ad industry.

Of course you can expect plenty of Rory’s lateral thinking + unique brand of observational humour. You’ll also get access to guest interviews with leaders + disruptors, tutorials, case studies, development exercises, Q&A + feedback sessions to help you make better strategic + career decisions.

But this isn’t just any old online course. Participants will join a digital + physical network with live tutorials + meet-ups at MAD//Fest London, making MAD//Masters a vibrant year-round community for current + future industry leaders.

How does it work?

1. Get booked in Choose when you’d like to do the 12 week course. We’ll be kicking off in May 2022, with a further intake in September.

2. Get online Each week we’ll broadcast a module of the course + host a live seminar on the MAD//Masters platform where you can put your questions to Rory. Can’t make a session? No problem, you can take in all of the content on-demand wherever you are in the world.

3. Get inspired MAD//Masters is packed with content, high level discussion + real world insights to help you think creatively about your marketing challenges, priorities + career.

4. Get assessed As you approach the end of the course, we’ll give you a juicy challenge to get stuck into. You’ll get support + personal feedback from Rory. Your work will be marked + you’ll get CPD points for completing the course.

5. Get connected When you sign up for the MAD//Masters, you join a global marketing community. You’ll get-to-know the most forward-thinking marketers, current + future leaders, + exciting disruptors. Better still, we’ll send you invites to MAD//Fest + Nudgestock, private community events + in-person meetups.

6. Get clued up You’ll graduate with the confidence, clarity + connections to own your marketing strategy + achieve your career ambitions. Sorted!

Who is the course for?

Industry leaders, rising stars + intellectually curious practitioners + founders with an appetite for understanding where the world is going + how to adapt marketing approaches. The course is aimed at B2C, B2B + agency marketers who want to keep their brands + career on-track in the face of fast-paced change.

The content, feedback sessions + tutorials are designed to help marketers of all levels adapt, survive + thrive as traditional marketing models are disrupted by emerging technology, innovation + behavioral shifts. You don't need any formal qualifications - just bring an open mind + an enthusiastic attitude!

Meet Rory

Rory is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, an attractively vague job title which has allowed him to co-found a behavioral science practice within the agency.

Rory works with a consulting practice of psychology graduates who look for ‘unseen opportunities’ in consumer behaviour – these are the often small contextual changes which can have enormous effects on the decisions people make – for instance tripling the sales rate of a call centre by adding just a few sentences to the script. Put another way, lots of agencies will talk about “bought, owned + earned” media: we also look for “invented media” + “discovered media”: seeking out those unexpected (+ inexpensive) contextual tweaks that transform the way that people think + act.

It is a hugely valuable activity – but, alas, not particularly lucrative. This is because clients generally do not have budgets for solving problems they did not know they had.

Before founding Ogilvy Change, Rory was a copywriter + creative director at Ogilvy for over 20 years, having joined as a graduate trainee in 1988. He has variously been President of the IPA, Chair of the Judges for the Direct Jury at Cannes, + has spoken at TED Global. He writes regular columns for the Spectator, Market Leader + Impact, + also occasional pieces for Wired. He is the author of two books: The Wiki Man, available on Amazon (at prices between £1.96 + £2,345.54, depending on whether the algorithm is having a bad day), + the best-selling Alchemy: The surprising Power of Ideas which don’t make Sense, published in the UK + US in May 2019.

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