WTF is MAD//Fest?

Like many good ideas, MAD//Fest came to fruition in a pub.

A motley crew of marketers, start-ups, disruptors, tech types + media folk started talking about events over a few beers. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was an event that actually brought together the great + the good? Something that packs a punch with no-nonsense, relevant content? A space where people can have a bit of fun rather than fall asleep in the back row?

And so, three pints in, MAD//Fest was conceived, and a decision was made (with a little Dutch courage) to quit our jobs + launch a marketing/advertising festival that no corporate would dare.

To cut a long story short, from relatively humble beginnings in 2018 (2,000 attendees), we’ve grown fast to become the UK’s biggest, boldest + most distinctive marketing/advertising festival with 12,000 top brand/agency attendees. We’ve got stacks of innovation awards, happy clients + magical stories of people coming together + forging new partnerships (plus a few extra grey hairs).

We’ve continued to innovate as MAD//Fest has grown into a global contender + our ethos remains the same - to make a festival that people want, challenge norms + cut out the crap out of industry events.

This means bucketloads of inspiring content, thousands of cherry-picked industry influencers to meet, parties, networking, social events, and top class food/drink from brands like Sticks ‘N’ Sushi, Hoppers, Diageo, Gipsy Hill Brewery + Chick N Sours.

So this event is for you, the people who are carving out the future of marketing, advertising and technology. Meet the biggest brands and freshest start-ups. Join our celebration of London’s unique identity as a hub of innovation, creativity and culture.

MAD//Fest Charter

Just like your old Nokia phone, we’re in the business of connecting people. We’re also here to serve up an inspiring programme of content from the world’s top brands + disruptors, encourage positive action on key industry issues, facilitate innovation,  enable buyers + suppliers to do business. Here’s our charter:

We promise no bullsh*t

We’re serious about ideas, inspiration + innovation and using tech to make more of your meetings count.

We promise to create something people want

We believe the event industry hasn’t moved with the times + continues to pump out boring trade shows/conferences. We will start with you + pack MAD//Fest with bucket loads of practical content, new ideas + kindred spirits to meet.

We promise more brands

It's all about a good balance of buyers + suppliers - not flogging as many tickets as possible to anyone who will buy them or packing a room with people who have little interest other than picking up free stationery.

We promise to value your time

This means serving up a programme of amazing speakers, curated content + targeted networking in an inspiring + entertaining space to justify the time spent out of the office.

We promise to promote diversity, equity + inclusion

MAD//Fest is committed to promoting the value of diversity, equity + inclusion through our speaker line-up, content + initiatives.

We promise to be human

Until AI can do it better, we will strive to add a personal touch. Want to invite a specific brand? Just let us know who they are + we’ll make sure they get a free ticket!

We promise to have fun

Dull conferences have had their day. We’ll assault your senses by challenging accepted wisdom, turning on the beer taps in our pop-up pub + helping you to make new friends in an engaging, entertaining and experiential environment.

Female Leaders' Club

Born out of a successful pilot at MAD//Fest in 2023, the Female Leaders’ Club will return to MAD//Fest London on 2-4 July 2024 for an even bigger programme of networking, inspirational female-centric content + topical conversation. The Female Leaders’ Club@MAD//Fest is focused on enabling women to achieve their full potential + address long-standing inequalities in the industry.

Open to all genders, the Female Leaders’ Club@MAD//Fest is a must if you want to meet female leaders, learn from the experiences of women in our industry, and find out how the most progressive businesses are simultaneously supporting the development of female employees + driving positive change.

Want to hear news + views from the marketing/advertising industry’s leading ladies + be the first to know about events, meet-ups + more? Subscribe to our Female Leaders’ Club newsletter HERE + join a year-round community of people dedicated to making change happen.

Mad//Masters By Rory Sutherland

Ever wondered what happens when you combine creativity, behavioural science + critical thinking - “Alchemy!”, as Rory Sutherland might say. MAD//Masters By Rory Sutherland is a new breed of online/hybrid course for marketers, salespeople, c-suite executives, founders + agency execs who are looking to gain an edge in business + in their careers.

Created,  hosted + assessed by legendary adman Rory Sutherland, MAD//Masters CPD-accredited, on-demand personal development programme.

Run three times per year, expect plenty of Rory’s lateral thinking, creative genius + unique brand of observational humour via 10 on-demand lectures, 12 months access to live Q&A sessions, bonus interviews, an optional assessment with video feedback from Rory, and a special in-person ‘Lunch + Learn’ session at MAD//Fest London (2-4 July 2024) where you can meet Rory + your fellow students IRL.

CLICK HERE for more information + to book for the next course.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

MAD//Fest is committed to promoting positive change on Diversity, Equity + Inclusion (DEI). We work with the fantastic folk at DigiLearning to enable young talent from underrepresented ethnic, gender + social class backgrounds to connect with the industry + present their innovative ideas to top brands. This has led to the creation of several jobs.

2024 will also see the return of the Female Leaders’ Club - a lively mix of networking, insightful content from influential female leaders.

Launched in 2023, the Female Leaders’ Club is a must if you want to be inspired by the industry’s leading women, learn what can be done to support female talent + enable tomorrow’s future female leaders to reach their full potential. Click HERE (insert URL) for more information.

Whilst we know that we can’t change long-standing inequalities overnight, we do believe that MAD//Fest should act as a platform for progress and we’re always open to hearing your ideas. Drop info@madfestlondon.com an email to discuss ways in which MAD//Fest can be a force for good.

Accessibility Statement

We endeavour to make MAD//Fest London as accessible as possible for guests. Provisions we are able to make include wheelchairs onsite, reserved seating for people with mobility issues on key stages, and a hearing loop on all public stages. We have also introduced accessible registration points in our centralised registration/check in area located off Ely’s Yard.

Accessible toilets are available at key locations throughout the venue, including 93 Feet East (MAD//Marquee entrance) + next to the DigiAds stage (marked Upper Level on the show map). An accessible lift is available here.

Due to the nature of the venue, there are some areas of the festival that people with mobility issues may find challenging, such as the cobbles by the MAD//Marquee entrance (93 Feet East).

If you do have mobility issues please write to us at info@madfestlondon.com so that we can arrange the best possible access.

Please let us know if you have any other access requirements in advance so that we can advise and make the best possible provision within the constraints of the venue. 

Please also note that we cannot provide dedicated one-to-one support but we will make complimentary tickets available for carers and support persons.

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