About MAD//Fest

Like many good ideas, MAD//Fest came to fruition in a pub.

A motley crew of marketers, start-ups, disruptors, tech types and media folk started talking about events over a few beers. Wouldn’t it be good if there was an event that actually brought together the great and the good? Something that packs a punch with no-nonsense, relevant content? A space where people can have a bit of fun rather than fall asleep in the back row?

And so, three pints in, MAD//Fest was born.

To cut a long story short, we’re now four years + a global pandemic into the MAD//Fest story. Starting as a plucky start-up in 2018, MAD//Fest has mushroomed to become the UK’s biggest destination marketing festival.

We’ve continued to innovate throughout but our ethos remains the same - to make an event that people want, challenge norms + cut out the crap out of industry events.

This means bucketloads of inspiring content and thousands of cherry-picked industry influencers to meet and feast on new ideas, relationships and partnerships.

So this event is for you, the people who are carving out the future of marketing, advertising and technology. Meet the biggest brands and freshest start-ups. Join our celebration of London’s unique identity as a hub of innovation, creativity and culture.

What does this mean? Check out our charter to see what we’re all about.

Mad//Fest Charter

We promise no bullsh*tWe’re serious about ideas, inspiration and innovation and using tech to make more of your meetings count.

We promise to create something people wantWe believe the event industry hasn’t moved with the times and continues to pump out boring trade shows. We will start with you and pack MAD//Fest with bucket loads of practical content, new ideas and kindred spirits to meet.

We promise more brandsIt's all about a good balance of buyers and suppliers - not flogging as many tickets as possible to anyone who will buy them or packing a room with people who have little interest other than picking up free stationary.

We promise to value your timeThis means serving up a programme of amazing speakers, curated content and targeted networking in an inspiring and entertaining space to justify the time spent out of the office.

We promise to promote diversityMAD//Fest is committed to promoting the value of diversity, equity + inclusion through our speaker line-up, content + initiatives.

We promise to be humanUntil AI can do it better, we will strive to add a personal touch. Want to meet a specific brand? Tell us who you want there and we'll invite them along to attend free of charge.

We promise to have funDull conferences have had their day. We’ll assault your senses by challenging accepted wisdom, turning on the beer taps in our pop-up pub and helping you to make new friends in an engaging, entertaining and experiential environment.

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