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6 Ways We're Enhancing Your MAD//Fest Experience

A venue that's twice the size of last year, a central check-in hub, and live streamed content on the big outdoor screen are just some of the ways we have reconfigured MAD//Fest London in 2024.

Essential Checklist: Important Info For MAD//Fest-ival Goers

Registered for MAD//Fest? Here's what you need to know about your app ticket, key timings, how to get lunch and more.

MITM - Empowering Women Through Mentorship

Addressing the systemic barriers women face in their careers and sharing insightful strategies for organisations to create more supportive environments, Abdul Khaled, Head of Digital at E.on Next, shares his perspective on advocating for change and creating inclusive environments that promote growth and opportunity for women.

Cappuccino's + Career Cock-Ups: Julia Reip, VP of Sales, UK & EMEA for Evolve Media

Julia tells why career transitions don’t erase your skills, but expand them, mistakes are essential to innovation and progress, and much, much more.

WACL Levers For Change, Number 5: Work Like The World Is Watching

Research shows that if women can work flexibly, they are twice as likely to remain in the workforce post-pregnancy. Toby Asare, Managing Partner + Head of Growth at OMD UK, and author of The Blend celebrates the arrival of the Flexible Working Bill, and the links between flexible working, talent retention + seeing more women in senior roles within organisations.

Failing to be bold means you’re bound to fail

In our world of cognitive overload and bombardment being bold is the only option. But disruption without meaning is not enough believes Kantar Marketplace's Head of Creative Excellence, Lynne Deason

Cappuccino's + Career Cock-ups: Jaye Cowle, Founder At Launch On How Not To Get Where You're Trying To Go

Know your audience, but mostly, know yourself. That wasn't me showing up to that interview, that was me pretending to be who I thought they expected to see. Huge mistake but a valuable one.

Diversity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental component of a thriving and innovative business.

Fabrice Khullar, Director of Product, Technology & CX / UX at Selfridges, talks on the transformative power of diversity in the workplace and how companies can unlock creative solutions and drive their competitive edge, by embracing diverse perspectives.

WACL, Levers for Change - Number 4: Be a Women’s Health Hero

Pamela Bird and Fiona McAllister, co-chairs of 4Womxn, Channel 4’s gender equality network, share their experience, advice and resources for creating progressive and inclusive women’s health policies at work.

Bloom & Wild Chief Customer Officer: Your Product Is The Most Important Marketing Tool You Have

In her debut column for MAD//Insight, Charlotte Langley, Bloom & Wild's CCO, writes about how maternity leave led her to realise that brands should spend more time creating a great product or service and talking to customers in a language they understand.

Bodacious Founder: Embrace New Fandom Or Get Left Behind

Founder of Bodacious strategy agency and in demand keynote speaker on her specialist topic of Fandom, Zoe Scaman, walks us through how her practice has no set formula and how she has been charting the rise of the new fandom – where brands collaborate with fans on new ideas and products.

AllBright Co-Founder, Debbie Wosskow: Women Deserve Brilliant Careers & Economic Independence

Debbie Wosskow, AllBright Co-Founder, Multi-Exit Entrepreneur & UK’s Invest in Women TaskForce Co-Chair, talks about the need to improve the gender imbalances in entrepreneurial activity as a way of creating greater equality and unlocking new sources of economic growth.

How Women Are Changing The Advertising Industry By Writing Their Own Jokes

'There are no funny women', someone once told Lynne Parker, Founder + CEO of Funny Women. Well, women ARE funny... and our humour is shifting the creative landscape of advertising.

Cappuccino's + Career Cock-Ups: Fiona McKinnon, Co-Founder Of MomentCo

Fiona Mackinnon gives a candid interview about learning to say no, discovering how to be an authentic leader, and the importance of safeguarding your physical, mental and emotional health.

WACL, Levers For Change - Number 3: Work Like The World Is Watching

Shelley Macintyre, General Manager and CMO of AllPlants and Ete Davies, Dentsu Creative’s COO of EMEA share their perspective on how to make workplace culture inclusive at its core, and remove barriers to women’s progression in the workplace.

Marketing Lessons From Retail

Danielle Le Toullec, Head of Marketing for True, and MAD//Fest Speaker, dives into the key themes that dominated World Retail Congress last month and what all marketers can learn from them - from embracing customer-centricity to the importance of innovative leadership, and the expanding role of AI

A Rallying Call For Female Led Businesses, Start-Ups + Corporates To Partner With The Advisory Collective

Last year, when Ellie-Scott Edwards + Lisa Menaldo of The Advisory Collective were invited to introduce and organise a space for female leaders at MAD//Fest, they did not hesitate.

Changing The Rules : Flexible Working, Shared Parenting, Facing Unconscious Bias

Janine Jacobs, Co-Founder of Happy HQ talks to Katie Street about helping companies put their people first and create a culture that their people truly want to be a part of.

WACL, Levers for Change - Number 2: Promote For Potential

Alex Goat, Livity CEO and Chair of the WACL Talent Awards shares constructive advice on getting your foot in the door, getting promoted, and recruiting a diverse workforce.

Talking To My Younger Self: Lessons Learned As A Female Leader

Annette Andrews, Director of Acaria Coaching and Consulting and former Chief People Officer at Lloyds of London, reflects on the lessons she has learned over the years as a female leader and what she wishes her younger self knew.

Why AI Is Still A Shiny New Object In Content Creation

In the latest episode of MAD//Fest's partner podcast, Shiny New Object, Bimbo Bakeries USA's Senior Director of Media, Analytics and Content, Marie Casimir Fallon, talks about the value of AI for brainstorming and repurposing content.

What Our feet Can Teach Us About Overlooked Audiences

Lori Meakin, Founder + CEO of The Others & Me highlights the inherent presence of gender-bias in most product and service design and how, surprisingly, addressing overlooked audiences can create opportunity for brands.

Cappuccino's + Career Cock-Ups: FAIL Stands For ‘First Attempt In Learning’

We all make mistakes. It's about what we learn from them. Geraldine Anyanwu, Client Director Global & Founder At Uncommon Collective shares the highs that have emerged from the lows of her career.

Becoming A Boss: Grit, Growth + Getting Stuck In. Meet Nina Postans At Skylark Media

The awesome MD of the Bristol based creative production company shares her experience, top tips and wisdom on being an entrepreneur and a leader.

'It's Time To Lose The Stigma' - Charlotte Todd, Marketing + eCommerce Director at British Gas

Exchanging a long and illustrious career in fashion to join British Gas, Charlotte Todd talks to Katie Street about the challenges women face, the biases they encounter, and the changes needed to create fairer and more inclusive work environments.

Becoming A Boss: Claire Ferreira of Mums In Marketing

Founder of the only network for mums working in marketing and the creative industries, Claire Ferreira celebrates the resilience of working mums, looks at the importance of building community, and advices on managing emotions when making decisions.

WACL, Levers For Change: Number 1 - Changing The Language Of Leadership

General Manager EMEA at 1021 Creative + WACL Campaigning Chair, Lianre Robinson, talks to us about learning to become a better kind of leader and how to prioritise your next career step.

Cappuccino + Career Cock-Ups: Making Mistakes Is Just Part Of Life! Says Emma Harris at Glow London

The Founder + CEO of Glow London talks about what it takes to lead a team and how focus, visualisation and manifestation can help you achieve all you want in life.

Arsenal Women Sold Out Emirates Stadium For The First Time In History

Sedge Beswick takes a look at how, for the first time, female athletes in team sports are becoming household names and the impact that this is having on the media investments of major brands.

From Young Minds to Tech Giants: Building a Female-Friendly Future In Technology, with Richard Surnam

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Marketing in the Madness, delving into transformative journeys and pioneering strategies aimed at fostering a female-friendly future in technology with Richard Surman, the visionary Head of IT at Crew Clothing.

WACL, Levers For Change: Advancing Women To CEO Roles

Nishma Patel Robb, WACL President and former Senior Director Marketing, Google, introduces a new series exploring how the landscape of leadership in the advertising and communications industry is undergoing a critical shift.  

Cracking the Leadership Code: Getting Women To Marketing’s Top Tiers

Daniel Stane, Founding Partner at Inclusion Partners, unpicks why, in many businesses, the cards still seem to be stacked the wrong way and the toughest barriers women face to get to the top are rarely well understood.

Diversity and Leadership: Playing the Cards I Was Dealt

Cecilia Dones, Founder of 3 Standard Deviations, and Ex Head of Data Sciences at Moët Hennessy, greatly enjoys a game of Texas Hold’em - from which she draws some strikingly practical lessons for leadership and bringing out the best in your teams.

Cappuccino's + Career Cock-Ups: Sara Vincent, Managing Director at Utiq

In this edition of our candid interview series, Sara Vincent talks to us about making mistakes, asking for pay rises, and knowing when it's time to leave.

Things Are Different Now - Why In-House Creative Leaders Are Leading The Charge

Change is happening in the board room! Shifts are currently taking place in business, brand and technology that will move in-house creative leaders into a prime position to successfully operate at board level, once and for all. Emma Sexton, founder of the Inside Out Community, explains why.

Vodafone Brand + Marketing Director: "Marketing Is The Perfect Blend Of Science And Art"

In the latest edition of Lucky Grey Cells, Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand and Marketing Director at Vodafone, shares her marketing journey from college to her current role, why she thinks brand marketing brings in innovation and fresh thinking, and unpacks the importance of data and how she balances Vodafone’s media spend.

Ex Head of Customer Marketing, Diageo: Channel-Less Marketing Is The Future

Natalia Horvath, former Head of Customer Marketing and Omnichannel Development, Global Reserve, at Diageo believes that channel-less marketing can help create hyper-personalised content that consumers crave, as she talks to Tom Ollerton in the latest episode of MAD//Fest's partner podcast, Shiny New Object.

Burnout: Why It's On The Rise And What Are We Going To Do About It?

Abigail Dixon, founder of The Whole Marketer, shares her concerns about why burnout is on the rise in the marketing profession and most importantly what we should do about it.

Empowering Voices: The Vital Role of Male Allies in Gender Equality

This week's special guest, Serge Albohayre, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Apply Digital talks to Katie Street about the essential role male allies play in fostering an inclusive environment, and the profound impact of their support in achieving gender equality. 

From Gendered To Neutral - The New Era Of Brand Experiences

Louisa O'Connor, Managing Director of experiential events agency, Seen Presents looks at how the marketing landscape has evolved, moving away from gender-specific experiences towards a more nuanced and inclusive approach.

Embracing Authenticity Your Way and No One Else’s

Rebellious yet professional, unapologetically authentic - Founder + Creative Director, Rochelle White, takes a look at how, in an era dominated by fleeting trends and short attention spans, hitting the right note quickly is paramount.

The LEGO Group: How Do We Inspire More Girls To Play With LEGO?

The LEGO group, one of the most instantly recognisable and much loved brands, is launching a pilot pitch at MAD//Fest London on 2-4 July at The Old Truman Brewery. The aim? To increase its engagement with girls in the UK.

Cappuccino's + Career Cock-Ups: Dream Big But Take Even BIGGER Actions! 

UK Head Of Addressable Attention For Tobii ATTEX, Joy Dean, talks about the mistakes she's made, the advice she's ignored, and the lessons she's learned.

Guild Esports Is Working To Pave The Way For A Better, More Inclusive Gaming Industry

CEO, Jasmine Skee challenges us all to take inspiration from the evolution of opportunities for women in traditional sports and gaming, and highlights the necessity for visible female role models.

Becoming A Boss: Electronic Arts Global Strategy Lead On The How, What, Wherefore + Why Of Her Success

Leaning into what makes that fire in the pit of your stomach set alight, relentless curiosity, and fostering a culture of learning - Perla Bloom talks to MAD//Fest about the guiding principles, core values and key role models that helped get her where she is today.

Working Mums – Is This Working For You? Sedge Beswick Is Not Convinced

Nappy changes and international meetings - can a working mum really have it all? The Founder of influencer and social marketing agency, SEEN Connects, looks at the obstacles that prevent women from taking leadership positions and asks, 'what needs to change?'

Forget "Too Far," Think "Together": WACL's President Tells Us Why Male Allyship Makes Us All Stronger

Hold on, champions of "equality fatigue." You haven't reached the finish line yet, says Nishma Patel Robb, President of Women in Advertising and Communications Leadership (WACL).

VaynerMedia's Chief Heart Officer Says Building An Inclusive Workforce Isn't Just A Nice-To-Have; It's A Must-Have For Today And Tomorrow

Claude Silver is the world's first Chief Heart Officer (CHRO) and mentor to VaynerMedia's workforce. Here, she reflects on the vital importance of building a diverse and inclusive workforce for unlocking innovation, creativity, and sustainable growth.

Jellyfish US MD: "We Try To Be What Everyone Wants Us To Be Versus What We Want For Ourselves."

Showing up as your authentic self, being judged for the distinctive qualities you bring to the table, and being given the room to breathe, expand, and create - Karen Bennett outlines the key to evolving female leadership.

Scope3: Harnessing The Power Of Low Carbon Sites For Effective Advertising

Joanna Georges, Scope3's Head of Australia + New Zealand looks at the dual potential of Attention metrics for mitigating the industry's emissions whilst also creating more effective ads.


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