1.  In your career, what’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given, and why?


You should join my husband’s running team (sales director whilst I was a junior) so that you can get ahead in the company! There is everything wrong with this sentence and at the time left me astonished. As a junior you’re basically telling me my value is going to be based on what your husband thinks of me so I should buddy up to him and play nice. Needless to say, I left after 2 years.


2.   What’s your biggest ‘Cappuccino Career Cock-up’?


I was pitching for a contract, and I sent a WIP document with all my tracked changes in red instead of the final proposal. It was a hot mess! I didn’t even realise until I asked for feedback 2 weeks later and I was told what I did.


3.      What were your lessons from that? 


The lesson learned, factor in time to get key work delivered so you don’t leave it to the wire and rush. Always check your final documents and call it FINAL to differentiate it from other versions you have saved.   Also, you are going to make mistakes in life, it may be embarrassing but it will pass and you get to improve the next time.


4.      What is the importance of making mistakes when paving your career path?


I have learned that FAIL stands for ‘First attempt in learning’. I believe we only truly learn lessons when we are making mistakes. They are part of your personal growth, so don’t see them as catastrophic moments but a time to reflect on what you could have done to improve the situation.


5.      As a leader, what advice would you ABSOLUTELY NOT give anyone now?


“You should be more extroverted to get people to notice you”. As a leader in the media industry there is a perception that extroversion should be the default setting for everyone. However, we are more aware of the value of divergent personalities and introversion as a key character trait. As a leader you need to make space for all types, so they may flourish in a way that works for them.