Katie Street continues to tackle the need for not only equality and inclusion but also the empowerment of women in the workplace and the need to cut the stigma, particularly within the realms of Marketing and Technology.

In this week's episode, Katie is joined by the renowned Debbie Wosskow OBE, Current Executive chair of The Better Menopause, as well as the Co-Founder of WJV LLP and AllBright... PLUS many other incredible career achievements with Debbie frequently backing female-founded companies.

Debbie is known for being outspoken about the need to improve the gender imbalances in entrepreneurial activity as a way of creating greater equality and unlocking new sources of economic growth. So asking her to feature as part of the Female Leaders Club segment of Marketing In The Madness was a no-brainer - and we're so happy we did.

From personal experiences to corporate policies, they explore the ongoing journey towards gender equality and the importance of creating opportunities for women in the industry. Tune in to this insightful conversation that delves into the nuances of gender equality in the workplace and offers perspectives on creating a more inclusive future for all.