1. In your career, what’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given, and why?

Don’t ask for a pay rise, your manager has your back.  I was told this was early on in my career and believed it. How green I was! I found it incredibly awkward to ask for a pay rise - so I accepted this advice without protest. You do live in hope that your company will pay you what they think you are worth - but this is rarely the case.

  1. What’s your biggest ‘Cappuccino Career Cock-up’?

Cock-up is a bit harsh but I would say if I had my time again I would be more ruthless about the time I spent working for each company. Taking the comfortable path is always easier, which leads to sometimes staying at a company longer than you should. Generally I am an advocate of moving to new opportunities when they present themselves, each step out to a new company will give you a step up the ladder of experience and most likely pay.

  1. What were your lessons from that? (referencing to Q2)

My very first boss gave me this advice and I didn’t take it- he said “love your family, love your dog but don’t love the company you work for”  - so lesson number one was take this advice!  Easier said than done, as I have always loved the people, the job and the companies that I have worked for.  But at the end of the day, you have to put yourself first and work hard for your own gain. You are solely responsible for the position you find yourself in.

  1. What is the importance of making mistakes when paving your career path?

It’s incredibly important to make mistakes, as you learn more from them. Most companies will recognise and appreciate progress over perfection. If you aren’t making mistakes, it probably means you aren’t taking risks or thinking strategically enough- which is important for self progression.

  1. Summary: as a leader, what advice would you ABSOLUTELY NOT give anyone now?

Don’t bother with networking. I am a total advocate for the power of the network and a firm believer in making connections across industries, colleagues, cohorts – the list goes on, for bringing immense benefits to your own career progression, success and outcomes, as well as giving back to help others realise theirs.