In this week's bonus episode of MITM, Katie dives deep into the conversation of gender equality within the tech industry, a realm where change is much needed yet challenging to enact. Special guest, Serge Albohayre, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Apply Digital, shares his unique perspective as a man who spent the majority of his career in a sector traditionally dominated by male voices.

As we unpack Serge’s experiences, we confront the stark realities faced by women in tech: walking into boardrooms or meetings where they are vastly outnumbered. This episode is not just an exploration of these challenges but a rallying cry for action. Serge, drawing from his personal observations and the wisdom imparted by influential women in his life, advocates for subtle yet powerful practices of creating opportunities for women without making it about their gender. He emphasised the importance of providing a platform for women to express their ideas and opinions in a comfortable setting, thereby encouraging a more inclusive and diverse discourse.

Our conversation also sheds light on the critical statistics highlighting the gender disparity in tech, with a particular focus on the underrepresentation of female-founded companies. This issue extends beyond the tech industry, touching upon broader societal norms and the need for a cultural shift towards equality. With us discussing the nuances of support, questioning the motivations behind investments and initiatives aimed at bridging the gender gap, and the importance of sincerity in these efforts. 

Serge’s reflections on feedback and personal growth, specifically regarding communication dynamics, offer valuable insights into how we can all contribute to a more inclusive environment. His experiences underscore the importance of being mindful of our interactions and the space we create for others to share their voices. 

This episode is not just a conversation but a call to action for male allies to recognise their role in supporting women, challenging the status quo, and working together towards a more inclusive future.

Join us in this compelling discussion that goes beyond the surface, offering both critical insights and hopeful pathways for change. 

And remember, your engagement and support can make a difference in creating a more inclusive tech industry and beyond.