2 views Apr 9, 2024

Welcome back to another exciting bonus episode of Marketing in the Madness, in this week's episode, Katie dives into another powerful discussion on the need, not only for equality and inclusion, but also the empowerment of women in the workplace. In this episode we look at the need to neutralise the stigma, particularly within the realms of marketing and technology.

In this episode, Katie and Charlotte Todd, Director for e-commerce, Marketing and Strategy at British Gas delve deep into the challenges women face, the biases they encounter, and the changes needed to create fairer and more inclusive work environments.

From personal experiences to corporate policies, they explore the ongoing journey towards gender equality and the importance of male allies in fostering positive change

Key Highlights:

- The need for systemic changes in various industries.

- Charlotte shares her impressive career journey and discusses the challenges women often encounter, including biases based on appearance and gender stereotypes.

- Personal anecdotes shed light on the realities faced by women, from being mistaken for high-class prostitutes to enduring insensitive comments in professional settings.

- Societal perceptions of working mothers, the stigma surrounding maternity leave, and the need for supportive workplace policies.

- British Gas's inclusive policies, such as robust maternity leave benefits and a supportive work culture that values diversity.

- The importance of fostering open conversations, supporting work-life balance, and promoting inclusivity in leadership roles is emphasized throughout the episode.