“Listen, keep listening. And listen again”, were Martina Lacy’s top three tips for anyone wanting to be a good leader. 

Speaking on MAD//Fest’s Female Leaders’ Stage at this summer’s festival, Lacy said that many people fall into the trap of “thinking they know how to do something and walk in and start directing." Lacy felt that it’s really important to "listen to those around you and to look at how people are currently working.”

In the short but wide-ranging interview Lacy also talked about the importance of male allyship to all women in the workplace, not just female leaders. “They need to really observe and be honest that it’s still quite difficult for women, especially in senior positions - we still get undermined a lot.” She therefore added, “we need men who step up and recognise when that’s happening.”

On the topic of male allyship, Lacy was keen to stress that being true allies meant being “visible so you’re not the only one always doing it.” She praised a former boss for being a wonderful ally who always could see when she was being undermined and call it out. 

Watch her brilliant interview here where she also outlined how she became a female leader, who is the female leader that she and all others should aspire to be, and which networks future female leaders should look to join.