Of course we were going to do it! Despite the tight timeline of just six weeks before the event, the excitement and determination to create something impactful drove us forward.

MAD//Fest, known for its blend of education, excitement, and vibrancy, offered the perfect backdrop for this endeavour. Working alongside Julia Linehan (The Digital Voice) and Katie Street (Street Agency), we embarked on the mission to curate an experience to empower and celebrate women in leadership roles.

The task ahead was daunting yet exhilarating. We understood the importance of this initiative and the potential it held to inspire and uplift women in various industries. Our goal was clear, to create a space that would foster learning, networking, and collaboration among female leaders.

The planning process was intense, requiring meticulous attention to detail and effective communication among the team. We brainstormed ideas, reached out to potential speakers and sponsors, and designed a program that would resonate with our audience.

One of the key challenges we faced was ensuring inclusivity and diversity in our lineup of speakers and topics. We wanted to offer a range of perspectives and experiences that would resonate with women from different backgrounds and industries. Through careful curation and outreach, we were able to assemble a diverse group of speakers who could share their insights and expertise.

When the doors finally opened, the response exceeded our expectations. We had 20 amazing sponsors, a mix of female-led businesses and corporates that wanted to align with us to champion and support their female workforce. Women from various industries and backgrounds flocked to our space, eager to connect, learn, and be inspired. The atmosphere was electric, filled with lively discussions, insightful presentations, and meaningful connections.

Throughout the three days of MAD//Fest, our space for female leaders became a hub of empowerment and inspiration. From panel discussions on leadership and career development to interactive workshops on negotiation and personal branding, the programming offered something for everyone…….., and it wasn’t just women that attended the sessions, the men came too!

Reflecting on the journey, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Ian, Bindi, Dan and the team have created a permanent home for the Female Leaders Club via a year-round platform of rich online content.

As we look to MAD//Fest 2024, we're excited to continue this tradition of empowering female leaders but this year it will be bigger and better! The Female Leaders Club audience capacity is 5 times bigger than last year; we have a fab location right in the heart of MAD//Fest – you won’t be able to miss us!

We know that we’re going to have great speaker sessions, but one of the best things about MAD//Fest is the spontaneous conversations and connections that are made which make the experience even more memorable. Join us to exchange ideas, share stories, and forge new friendships and alliances that will extend far beyond the confines of the conference.

So, this is a rallying call for female led businesses, start-ups and corporates to partner with us.

The journey may be challenging, but the impact we can make is immeasurable. Together, we can inspire, support, and elevate women into leadership roles, one conference at a time.