6 Ways We're Enhancing Your MAD//Fest Experience

A venue that's twice the size of last year, a central check-in hub, and live streamed content on the big outdoor screen are just some of the ways we have reconfigured MAD//Fest London in 2024.

Eddie Izzard Fireside Chat: Is Purpose BS?

Can purposeful brands make a positive contribution to humanity? Join Eddie Izzard for an interview to help us understand if purpose should be celebrated consigned to the scrapheap of brand marketing, at MAD//Fest London on 3 July.

MAD//Fest: A Record-Breaking Success and a Bright Future Ahead

Paul Frampton-Calero, Global President of CvE Marketing Consultancy and host of the Hexagon Stage on Day One of MAD//Fest, gives us his three key themes from last week.

Zillow Vice President of Brand + Product Marketing: AR is Transforming Home Buying

Beverly Jackson, Vice President of Brand and Product Marketing at disruptive Estate agent Zillow, talks about why she is now ‘all in’ with the new Apple Vision Pro in this week's MAD//Fest partner podcast, Shiny New Object.

Social waves: Measuring the True Reach of Digital Content

Industry professionals last week came together at MAD//Fest, to discuss innovation and future trends. Here are Comscore's Ira Xhelili's key takeaways. 

MAD//Fest acquired by Ingenuity

Not only are we riding on the back of the biggest, boldest + best ever MAD//Fest London last week, we also have some exciting news to share. We've agreed a deal for MAD//Fest to become part of the Ingenuity Group.

MAD//Fest 2024 - Bold Moves & Brave Minds

In his latest MAD//Insight column, Unilever's former VP Global Marketing, Ian Maskell, summarises his highlights from last week's MAD//Fest London.

Warm Street Presents: A Cultural Compass. Navigating culture for the alcohol brands of tomorrow

Uncensored CMO joins forces with MAD//Fest 2024

Next week CMOs + senior brand marketers will have access to an exclusive backstage content and experience located in the Taproom on Dray Walk, throughout MAD//Fest, with the Uncensored CMO himself, Jon Evans. 


MAD//Fest is delighted to announce that event staffing and immersive brand experience specialists, HEL’s, will be the festival’s official staffing partner next week.

Adlook Workshop: Beyond Privacy Sandbox - Alternatives for Future-Proof Advertising

Kicking off the DigiAds Stage this year, Adlook will help attendees unpack the complexities surrounding the transition to a cookieless web, offering attendees a treasure trove of insights and practical solutions.

UCAS - Emotionally fuelled moments that can form lifelong brand relationships’

Research shows that students are 75% more likely to try new brands during major life events like starting university. This is a huge opportunity and it relies on early visibility, argues UCAS

World-first Heineken campaign harnesses the power of “Optimal Attention”

Advertisers are vying for new ways to cut through digital noise and create meaningful interactions with consumers. It’s a challenge that Heineken-owned Cruzcampo tackled head-on says Playground xyz's CEO, Rob Hall

Is your brand ready for a Paralympic summer? Channel 4 and YouTube are.

The Paralympic games embody the values of humanity, the strength of diversity and determination. If your brand is looking for a blue ocean to enhance its inclusive and representative core values, it's time to put on the creativity goggles and dive in, urges Comscore

Whammy Ads Will Go-Go: Choose Single-Source Measurement

Advertisers face a fragmented media landscape, making precise measurement tools essential. Traditional methods are outdated, relying on fusion data or opportunity-to-see modelling. Therefore, Beatgrid argues that advertisers therefore should choose single-source measurement

RTL AdAlliance & EGTA manifesto for European broadcasters: be bold rather than numb!

European media brands are facing intense global competition and a fast-evolving environment. RTL AdAlliance & EGTA’s advice is that broadcasters should focus on their strengths and be bold!

MAD//Men Era vs AI Revolution: A New Golden Age for Advertising?

Mad Men reminds us of a time where our industry was driven by creativity, intuition, and charisma. Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves in a landscape dominated by data, technology, and (of course) AI.

How Kramp leverages AI to deliver localized content in 20+ languages

Content creators dream of hitting deadlines, crafting amazing content, and reaching the right audience. But for large teams managing multiple websites and churning out a constant stream of content, the struggle is real, as Kontent.AI explain

Pain relief for marketers: In a digital world, cohesive creativity is the cure.

Marketers know that digital content can be a potent pill for success but struggle to consistently unlock its full potential. Digital's full power is unleashed when effective ads are an integral part of a COHESIVE campaign, believes Lynne Deason, Head of Creative Excellence at Kantar Marketplace

Snap Creator Economy Stage Preview: Gymshark, Shark Ninja, L’Oréal, Heineken And More

New for '24, learn how top brands, creators and platforms are striking gold on the Snap Inc. Creator Economy Stage in T-Block (Upper Level).


Great content. Great food + drink. Great connections. Don't miss all the action in MATCH//POINT (Ely's Yard).


Hear the most exciting start-ups pitch for £20k pilot pitches from The LEGO Group, Colgate-Palmolive, Boots and Fanatics upstairs on the Brand Innovation stage (T-Block).


Tequila…it makes you happy when you add AI, AR and VR into the mix.


Don't miss the early morning action as legendary brands, marketers and creatives dig into the important issues at MAD//Fest London on 2 and 3 July.

VisuAIse Futures: the AI-powered creative experience coming to MAD//Fest 2024.

You'll hear a lot of people talking about AI at this year's MAD/Fest. But we're also excited to get our audience actually using AI to create things – in the moment, together.

High Attention Metrics Reduce CPC; Here’s How to Capture Attention, Then Triple It!

A recent study has revealed a startling decline in the average human attention span over the last 2 decades. mCanvas says this highlights the challenge of capturing, and retaining, attention

Rory Sutherland: McDonald’s and why we need behavioural science

This week in Cannes, McDonald's CFO said that marketing is a critically important investment to drive growth. Here's how behavioural science can make us better at communicating the value of marketing.


They say it can be lonely at the top, but since becoming Joint Managing Directors, Laice Gregory (now Jackson) and Alison Rattary-Clarke have been so grateful to have each other to share the huge load that comes with running Fall Off The Wall.

How AI is helping P&G ensure its packaging is reusable or recyclable

Procter & Gamble is integrating AI to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency through enhancing its manufacturing operations. Dragonfly AI tells us how.

A Shot in The Dark: A World Without Pre-Testing

Imagine a scenario where a $674 billion industry left everything to chance. It sounds utterly absurd, doesn't it? Yet, the advertising world still entertains the idea of taking unnecessary risks. System1 makes the case for testing, testing, testing.

Essential Checklist: Important Info For MAD//Fest-ival Goers

Registered for MAD//Fest? Here's what you need to know about your app ticket, key timings, how to get lunch and more.

Adapt Your Social Media Ads for Native in 5 Easy Steps

Is your brand over-reliant on social media advertising? If so, you’re not alone. Claire Mullarkey, Enterprise Advertising Sales Director UK for Taboola gives us 5 steps to transform your native social ads.


This year, 60% of business leaders are increasing their budgets in this area, aiming to enhance customer experiences in the high-speed world of eCommerce. However, only 25% of marketers have their customer journeys fully automated. Mapp argue the case for full automation.

5 Ways Attention Metrics Positively Impact Digital Advertising

We all know that more and more advertisers are looking to attention metrics. However, better performance isn’t the only reason we should consider attention - it also yields positive knock-on effects for the entire ecosystem, say Adelaide Metrics.

Gipsy Hill Brewery create MAD//Fest's own Festival lager

Official beer partner for MAD//Fest 2024, Gipsy Hill Brewing Company, has brewed a lager especially for this July’s event. As they themselves state: “A festival so great, it deserves a beer named after it!”

Creativity x AI: What brands can do now to prepare for the future

Creatives have now spent more than a year in the company of Generative AI. DEPT® sought to find out how the technology has changed the craft.

5 Tips to Engage LGBTQ+ Customers in a Privacy-First World

Today, businesses must balance engagement and user privacy. This is especially true, and challenging, when marketing to the LGBTQ+ community. Here are five tips to effectively engage your LGBTQ+ customers whilst striving to respect their privacy, say OUT loud agency.

Paddy Power, Co-op, and Mars to kick off MAD//Fest in Fortune Favours The Bold panel

Being bold is easy in theory but much harder in practice. Paddy Power, Co-op, and Mars will discuss how to cut through and what being bold means in practice for the modern day marketer.

Why weird works

Jeff Bowerman, VP Creative at DEPT® thinks weird is relative but, generally speaking, weird is all things unusual, bizarre, or unexpected and it works!

Back to the future: why the past is securing advertising’s future

Digital moves fast but is cyclical. Technologies, regulations, and walled gardens are changing the advertising landscape, but is what’s emerging to support this new reality? Elliott Clayton, Managing Director, Sales International at Epsilon powers up the flux capacitor to see the future of advertising – in the past.

Changing the World using an AI-Powered Research Platform and a Small Bin

The effects of climate change and the cost-of-living crisis are issues which dominate the global discourse. An environmental NGO, wanted to understand daily household interactions with food waste caddies and turned to Bilendi Discuss to find the answers.

Mars Senior Director: Marketing hasn't changed that much since ‘Don Draper’

In this month's Little Grey Cells interview, Sorin Patilinet, Senior Director Marketing Effectiveness, Mars, walks us through his career, champions the value careful recruitment and then building great relationships with his team and explains how younger marketers should get as much real life marketing experience as possible before everything is automated.

Have you confirmed your MAD//Fest ticket?

It’s not long now until MAD//Fest opens its doors on 2-4 July - here’s how to confirm your ticket or amend your booking.

AI averse or an AI Adventurer - we need you 🫵

Find out how you stack up in the UK AI Landscape, exclusively at MAD//Fest Take the Plain: AI audit and make this session relevant for you today.

Failing to be bold means you’re bound to fail

In our world of cognitive overload and bombardment being bold is the only option. But disruption without meaning is not enough believes Kantar Marketplace's Head of Creative Excellence, Lynne Deason

How AI and Attention Will Spur a Flight to Media Quality

Creative content producers will use AI to create high-quality content at scale, and much of it will be indistinguishable from the content authors and artists once crafted slowly without AI, argues Marc Guldimann, CEO and Founder, of Adelaide

Philips Marketing Director: Using Consumer Data to Drive Healthcare Behaviour Change

Knowing how to work with data isn’t just useful for driving marketing results - according to Philips’ Leandro Chique, it can also help influence positive consumer behaviour change and improve people’s health. Listen as he talks to Tom Ollerton, in this week's MAD//Fest partner podcast Shiny New Object.

Nestlé: Milking AI for All It's Got

Dragonfly AI outline how Nestlé is a great example of how CPG brands can use AI for good to support more sustainable environmental practices.

Making Brands Magnetic

BrandOpus have been exploring what magnetism might be in the case of brands. The rules of attraction, in life or science, can feel opaque. We’re drawn to people with certain qualities, often difficult to define, but undeniably magnetic. Find out more.

Sir Martin Sorrell To Deliver Election Day Special Keynote

S4 Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell will open MAD//Fest London on 4 July with a keynote focused on growth prospects, AI, and regulatory needs.

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