We sat down with a few of our favourite speakers from this year's festival to quiz them on all things 2021, Christmas, and their big predictions for 2022.

This week we find out what Weetabix's Head of Marketing, Gareth Turner wants for Christmas, why convenience will remain king, and why he'll be holidaying in North Carolina next summer.

1.    2021 in three words?

Zoom Beans Brave

2.    Plug those three words into What3Words (https://what3words.com) - that is where you are going on holiday next year. Where is it and are you happy? 

Just outside Charlotte, North Carolina in the US.  It looks great.  When are we going? 

Charlotte, North Carolina - Nice place to holiday!

3.    What do you want in your Christmas stocking? 

I’ve got too much stuff.  I’d never turn down a bottle of Landlord or Brunello though. 

4.    How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? 


5.    Best advert/campaign of 2021?

Aside from all the Weetabix work…  I’m a fan of the Tesco Christmas ad this year – I think they’ve got the tone just right.  Although the 90” is better than the cut downs. 

6.    Which (emerging) trend of 2021 will have the greatest impact on 2022?

The home as the hub of our lives.  The pandemic forced us to stay in more, and we cocooned ourselves during that period upgrading our TVs, buying standing desks and pizza ovens (surely that wasn’t just me).  I reckon 2022 will be the year we get the most from these upgrades – staying in more even though we might be more able to get out and about.

7.    What are your 3 big predictions for 2022?

+ Convenience will be king.  Can I get it delivered so I don’t need to venture out of my house?

+ The search for great value will continue to become more important as the cost of living increases.

+ England will win the Women’s Euros and the Men’s World Cup.  You heard it here first.

8.    What’s your big wish for 2022?

Crystal Palace in Europe?

9.    Which brand, apart from your own, should we look out for next year?

Cazoo seem to be going from strength to strength.  They’ve invested heavily on mental and physical availability with a heavyweight TV campaign and high profile sponsorships, and are expanding into new markets on a seemingly daily basis.  I love what they’ve done to disrupt the used car buying experience.

10.  2022 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Which tiger-like characteristic will you and your brand adopt for next year?

People born in the year of the Tiger are (apparently) competitive, self-confident and brave.  I think that’s a pretty good description of how a great brand team should be, so I’ll be trying to be more tiger in 2022.

And finally...

11. Mince Pies: Heaven or Hell?

100% heaven - I'll eat one now in celebration!