1. Describe 2023 in three words…

Emotional, Surprising, Gritty

2. Plug those three words into What3Words and that is where you are going on holiday next year. Where is it and are you happy?

I'll be on a yacht near Hawaii! Am I happy?!?! Sure am!!!

Hawaii at Christmas...

3. What do you want in your Christmas stocking in the real world?

PS5, Jordan 1s, Rubics Cube, Meta Quest, Maharishi X Arsenal Football Kit

4. Meta has asked to create your perfect Christmas in the metaverse. Where are you, who is cooking and what entertainment have you got lined-up?

We’ll be tucked away in a warm cabin - myself, Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. I’ll cook some teriyaki salmon, prawns and a seafood salad with some dumplings and plantain - hopefully not too heavy for the post Christmas workout led by The Rock. Entertainment wise, we’ll all entertain ourselves with some old school R&B karaoke followed by some board games and poker.

5. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Did you ever stop?

9 Years Old

6. What’s your single biggest lesson of 2023?

Keep Calm and when there is uncertainty that is the best time to enhance your skills. It’s been an uncertain year so we have to get use to the chaos and remain productive - where there is uncertainty there is always opportunity

7. What’s your favourite ad/campaign of 2023?

Just Eat - Latto X Christina Aguilera

8. Who is winning the best Christmas ad battle in 2023?

Coca-Cola won it this year for me.

9. What are your 3 big predictions for 2024?

+ AI revolt - there may be significant pushback to the adoption of AI particularly those in the creative fields due to legal challenges

+ The Middle East taking over Sports and Music Culture - we’ve seen large scale investment in Boxing and Football but I think that’ll accelerate even further in 2024.

+ Arsenal to win the Premier League.

10. Which brand should we look out for next year?

Cole Buxton

And finally…

11. Mince Pies - Christmas food heaven or hell?

Food Hell for sure and let’s throw in Brussel Sprouts while we’re at it too