1. Describe 2023 in three words… 

Chaos, Joyful, Unbelievable.

2. Plug those three words into What3Words and that is where you are going on holiday next year. Where is it and are you happy? 

I’m going to Jamaica and I’m THRILLED 

MAD//Insight would run faster than Usain Bolt to get to this rather lovely Jamaican beach.

3. What do you want in your Christmas stocking in the real world? 

World Peace

4. Meta has asked to create your perfect Christmas in the metaverse. Where are you, who is cooking and what entertainment have you got lined-up? 

What a depressing thought.  I’d be not in the metaverse for a start.  Probably in a snowy mountain lodge, my cousin is cooking, (she’s way better than me), and we’ve got Shane MacGowan back from the dead to serenade us.

5. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Did you ever stop? 

I think around 9 – I wanted to keep believing for a long time.  It’s never the same once you know!

6. What’s your single biggest lesson of 2023? 

Humankind is far more cruel than I’ve ever realised.  Our social echo-chambers are driving us further and further apart.

7. What’s your favourite ad/campaign of 2023?     

I mean, obviously Barbie.  Less obviously, Tube Girl – yes it’s not really an ad or campaign, but she’s just so fascinating and powerful and the brands who have jumped on the opportunity are winning.

8. Who is winning the best Christmas ad battle in 2023? 

Charlie’s Bar for the win.

9. What are your 3 big predictions for 2024? 

+ We will continue to see Social First type content dominate – even on the TV. 

+ That we will have a general election and a change of leadership – and hopefully a reprioritisation of the planet over politics. 

+ That we will start seeing even more copyright lawsuits against AI tools.

10. 2024 is the Chinese year of the Dragon - the traits of people born in the year of the dragon include being confident and lucky. What are you confident about for 2024 and what with a bit of luck do you hope for? 

I’m confident that sustainability will continue to be important to even more and more people.  And with a bit of luck, I’m hoping for peace in the Middle East.

11. Which brand should we look out for next year? 

Finisterre, obviously.

And finally…

12. Mince Pies - Christmas food heaven or hell? 


(If you are in London and like Bronwen, love a mince pie then here's where you should go!)