1XL, a division of Media Concierge and part of the Mediaforce Group, which owns the largest independent sales house in the UK, will adopt Outbrain as its exclusive recommendation provider. The strategic partnership will focus on growing revenue, supporting re-circulation and driving engagement including subscriptions across 1XL’s range of 43 established and trusted local news media publishers, including Newsquest, Johnston Press, Archant, Iliffe Media, and Tindle.

The deal will see 1XL rolling out Outbrain’s Smartfeed technology to diversify its revenue streams. Smartfeed provides customizable, dynamic, and tailored recommendations, which provides tools for media owners to optimize the user experience, improve engagement, and revenue. It acts as a blank canvas on which a suite of unique cards can be used to deliver editorial, monetization, and specific revenue goals, generating a 20% RPM uplift, when compared to Outbrain’s standard widgets.

With Outbrain's Smartfeed, 1XL expects to create prominent brand-safe spaces for advertisers to reach relevant consumers from 1XL’s 30.9 million monthly user-base. Additionally, the deal will support targeted and personalized advertising campaigns, as well as feature prominent in-article placements, delivering a premium ad experience for top brands.

“Outbrain’s commitment to championing the open web and journalistic independence aligns with our mission to nurture a healthy presence of local publishers throughout the country,” said Scott Gill, Managing Director at 1XL. “Regional news outlets are essential to the UK’s democratic society and are an essential hub for local communities. Outbrain is a trusted and established partner whose best-in-class recommendation solution will support a range of growth objectives and, we feel, act in the interests of our publishers and their readers.”

“We consider the 1XL co-operative and its constituent publishers and sites valued partners that share our passion for providing unique, relevant, and engaging content,” said James Milne, Managing Director Northern Europe at Outbrain. “Overall, our placements, including our rich and highly viewable native in-article formats, will enhance the reader experience, diversify 1XL’s monetization strategies and bolster engagement. As a trusted partner, we are excited about the value our Smartfeed technology can offer across some of the UK’s oldest and most respected local news titles.”