Ok, there have been some coronavirus clangers as Mike Ashley and Tim Martin go toe-to-toe to be crowned the bogeyman of British business.

But the overwhelming response from brands large and small across the world has been incredibly positive. Here’s 6 shining lights:

1. Nike – allowing us all to dream, encouraging social distancing

I may be nudging 40 and lacking sporting talent but in just a few words, Nike allows me to dream about pulling on the famous number 9 shirt and firing Newcastle United to Champions League glory whilst making a striking contribution to promoting social distancing.

Nike is not alone among sporting brands promoting social distancing. But this black and white example stands out from the crowd with its simple, beautifully effective messaging delivered in the iconic Nike typeface.

Nike, which has pledged $15m to the battle against coronavirus, has also enlisted its superstar ambassadors including Cristiano Ronaldo and Tiger Woods to post videos playing inside their homes. 

It’s a smart pivot for Nike, which in the absence of being able to use global sporting events to leverage the brand, has put more emphasis on its Nike Training Club app, which allows users to get their fitness fix from the comfort of their living rooms. The app has been made available free-of-charge since the onset of the outbreak.

Stunning stuff from Nike and Wieden + Kennedy.

2. Joe Wicks – shedding flab, inspiring the return of Mr Motivator

In spite of coronavirus, Joe Wicks still appears to be Britain’s happiest bloke. He should be.

Millions have been tuning in daily to Joe’s live YouTube fitness workout as the nation attempts to atone for the previous night’s excessive consumption of wine, chocolate and whatever is in the freezer or cupboard.

This online mass gathering of people trying to lose the flab whilst housebound is a cultural phenomenon and a coup for YouTube’s live streaming offer.

Today there’s been another important development. The popularity of Joe’s morning moves has sparked a return for 90s icon Mr Motivator, who will bring his neon lycra back to the small screen on the BBC.

Expect an online v telly battle of epic proportions, new books and plenty of merch to show off in the park when we’re allowed back in the great outdoors.

3. Deliveroo and M&S – delivering the essentials

It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of having a juicy burger delivered to your door seemed like a pretty tasty innovation, especially for those waking up with a hangover.

But it’s not just quality quarterpounders that Deliveroo is delivering, it’s also providing essentials that people need right now.

Deliveroo has teamed up with M&S and BP to deliver food provisions such as milk, bread and ready meals to shoppers’ doors in under 30 minutes.

Deliveroo has also launched its own branded line of ‘Essential’ food products such as pasta, cereal and tinned goods that the firm will deliver to isolated people who are unable to shop.

“We hope we can play a role in supporting people who have to isolate to get the food they need whether that’s household items or restaurant food,” says Will Shu, Deliveroo’s Founder and CEO.

This is a fine example of a brand acting fast and collaborating with others to make a difference in a time of crisis.

4. Leon – Pivoting into supermarkets, tackling panic buying

Sticking with the food theme, healthy fast food chain Leon is turning its 65 restaurants into mini supermarkets to address the problems created by stockpiling food and panic buying.

Not only is Leon making a difference to food shortages, it’s also enabling struggling food suppliers to sell directly to consumers by teaming up with Absolute Taste to create an online platform.

“Right now you have struggling restaurants and their staff ready to provide food to customers on the one hand, and on the other, supermarkets with empty shelves,” said John Vincent, Leon’s Founder and CEO.

“The balance isn’t right. Not for customers, not for people facing job losses and not for businesses.”

Hats off to Leon for making a positive contribution to tackling food shortages and providing food businesses with a vital route to market in these challenging times.

5. Snapchat – supporting mental health

Many examples of brands doing the right thing in the fight against coronavirus focus on tackling immediate concerns like shortages of food and medical supplies. 

Snapchat has expedited the launch of its Here for You tool, which provides resources, information and support for Snapchat users struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress.

In light of coronavirus and the social isolation that it’s enforced, Snap has added a search tool to Here for You that will provide users with relevant information from organisations such as the NHS, WHO and Crisis Line.

A crisis like coronavirus will have mental health implications in the short, mid and long-term as people come to terms with the health, social and economic fallout.

Social media giants are often accused of not doing enough to support the mental health of their users so it’s fantastic to see Snap roll out this feature at this pivotal time.

6. AB InBev – a Stella effort in tumultuous times

Spare a thought for the hard working folk at AB InBev, brewer of beers like Stella Artois, Budweiser and errr, Corona. 

Like several other firms, the beer giant has pivoted into hand sanitiser production and will make 1 million bottles available to frontline workers.

Aside from doing the right thing with the ‘hand san’, AB InBev’s Bud Light brand has been activating and promoting social distancing simultaneously.

The firm launched the ‘Bud Light Dive Bar Tour: Home Edition’, a virtual concert featuring country music star Jake Owens. Bud Light invited people to have a beer as Jake brought his hillbilly sounds to people across the world via Instagram Live. 

Viewers in the US were also given a code to get $5 off beer at booze delivery firm Drizly.

AB InBev is planning many more entertainment-based online activations to promote social distancing.

As for Corona beer? Loyal fans of the Mexican style beer seem happy enough sharing their LOLs on Twitter.