Brand to brand partnerships should be an essential part of companies marketing strategy argues Awin’s Client Partner for retail and travel, Lee Metters. 

In his appeal to all brands, which is part of MAD//Fest’s and New Digital Age’s 99//Club, Metters says that such a strategy results in brands being exposed to “new customer audiences, that they might not have reached otherwise.” 

Metters thinks that such a strategy is vital given the number of people who shop online. He cites a “staggering” statistic from last November which showed that 71% of customers who shopped online and were fed an ‘out of stock’ message, abandoned the retailer and decided to shop elsewhere. 

In this ‘new age of digital’ it is easier than ever to shop with other brands and competitors. Metters says that the result is that developing a sense of brand loyalty is harder than it’s ever been before. Therefore, how do you create brand loyalty in this environment? 

In his 99//Club video, Metters believes that the answer is via brand partnerships. Brands that collaborate with complimentary brands are able to provide existing customers with value added rewards and discounts with non-competing retailers. Those brands are then able to not only enhance their existing customer loyalty but also expand their reach to new customers who they would not have previously been introduced to. 

Listen to his 99 seconds here

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