How are marketers geared up to tackle the busiest commercial quarter of the year? With Q4 underway, over one third of marketers still don't optimise their creative in-flight. It's the equivalent of playing football and never changing your team during the match, even when they're doing poorly, warn Automated Creative's Amy Wright and Dan Moseley.

On this special episode of the Shiny New Object Podcast, Amy and Dan share their research into how brands can optimise creative effectiveness in Q4 and beyond. It's an urgent wake-up call with actionable tips and learnings from working with the likes of Brown-Forman and Mars, among others.

“There’s a disconnect between media and creative agencies… A creative agency wants to bring a brilliant brand idea to life… once that’s delivered, how it’s put into media isn’t always a priority. Media agencies are optimised to get the best placements… the right audience, the right platform, the right time. But they’re not always best set up to tell you what’s working and why it’s working.” (Dan Moseley")

“Part of [success] is about getting everyone on the same page with an infrastructure that plays to all of [their] different strengths. What we're not saying is that the media side or the creative side is better than the other. It's about being able to translate those two worlds and making sure that they work together… Ultimately, automation and technology is the only solve.” (Amy Wright)