As you may know, Jon Walsh and James Welch regularly put on Adland dinners. Therefore, they have decided to join forces to raise fund for The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Together they’ve decided that they want to do a little something. You can help out too!

They need 10 more people (or 5 companies with 2 people each!), and one more corporate sponsor (£750).  Roku, Prohaska, are dinner sponsors for the AdTech dinner.

The Details

Date - Wed 13 April 2022, in central London
Price - £150 for a ticket

100% of profits go to The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Click here to buy tickets

Please share the link with friends, colleagues, partners etc. All are welcome

More about the organisers 

Jon has had a 20+ year career in digital advertising which includes 15 years career as an entrepreneur and angel investor in the space. In addition, Jon is a published author, contributing to the highly successful Understanding Digital Media series of books.

James Welch is a B2B & B2C integrated growth, marketing & media specialist, his role is to engage with stakeholders - both internally and externally - to ensure that digital data is collected, analysed and monetized. Some call it transformation. Others call it acceleration. Then it becomes business as usual - always adapting, changing. Keeping agile.