Autocorrect failures often lead to misidentification and a sense of exclusion for individuals with diverse names. The national campaign taps into this insight to help underline the pay gap between ethnicities which affects all industries, including marketing and advertising.

This is the latest (and boldest) statement from non-profit organisation People Like Us, as they continue to demand that the UK government introduces mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting, like there is for gender. 

Gender pay gap reporting has started to address disparities between men and women in the workplace, the proposed legislation will start to do the same on the ground of race. More diverse teams and fairly paid professionals means a much more thriving UK. 

It’s about creating a culture where everyone feels valued and can thrive. And as a bonus - London Mayor Sadiq Khan has endorsed the campaign. 

Developed by the brilliant Worth Your While Agency and in partnership with JCDecaux’s UK Community Channel - ‘Autocorrected Pay Gap’ goes live UK wide today, and uses real autocorrect examples to highlight subconscious bias. 

Please sign the petition and help #CorrectThePayGap here: