If brands want to succeed then they need to constantly evolve and be creatively distinctive says Beavertown Brewery's Marketing Director Tom Rainsford.

Speaking at MAD//Fest London last month, Rainsford said that "people do not settle for bad brands or bad business anymore". Using the example of Blockbuster, the now defunct store, (though apparently one store still exists in Canada), he said that that businesses cannot stand still when the world and competitors are rapidly changing and evolving.

Rainsford believes evolution is critical for all businesses, regardless of size: "Evolution is important, always challenge the status quo.... If things are not working challenge yourself to change." In short Rainsford's message was "Evolve of fu*k off".

People not settling for bad products and bad businesses is essentially the story of the craft beer industry. The 'craft beer revolution' occurred because people "were bored of drinking crap beer". This reality can be seen in the fact that Beavertown's beers are now considered mainstream. Which begs the question, how to stand out from the crowd?

Beavertown's distinctive artwork along with the most stolen beer glass from UK pubs

Beavertown sees the answer in their culture of creativity and by "thinking like a band, not a brand". Beavertown is a creative brand with distinctive artwork that adorns their cans of beer and everything associated with their products. Firstly, Rainsford said "create iconography" that helps create and build the brand. Secondly, "'create intrigue' - beers are songs. The artwork are the lyrics." This will allow the product to do the "storytelling for you".

Through a great mix of constantly evolving, keeping their disruptive edge, and being creatively distinctive Rainsford added that Beavertown had created "fans not customers". Which is a great place for any brand to be.

Over 8,000 people attended MAD//Fest on 7-8 July in-person and via the virtual platform. Speakers included new KFC CMO Jack Hinchliffe, S4 Capital Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell and Resi Founder Alex Depledge MBE. Full sessions are available now on our YouTube channel.