Nira Kanaber, Nutrition Channel Lead and Unilever told the audience that, “Whilst Marmite is an iconic brand, some people love it, some people hate it, we want to keep the legacy going. And for that we need to recruit more people, especially the younger generation. So our challenge for today is to get the younger generation to try Marmite and see if they love it or not!”

WYSPR will now have the opportunity to scale their business with Marmite through a £20K pilot pitch. 

WYSPR, the friendvertising and data solution start-up, centred their solution on the fact that Gen Z are more likely to be influenced by a friend over anything else. They do not trust established channels, much less influencers. As Ollie Bourne, co-founder of WYSPR, pointed out, ‘the average influencer engagement rate is now just 2.4%.’

Bourne explained to the packed house that: “84% of Gen Z, are more likely to be influenced by a friend online than anyone else. So Marmite, perhaps it's time to try something new, try something different!” 

He explained that WYSPR uses the influence of the regular social media user to create content and spread the word about brands and products on their personal accounts. “That way we reach an audience of friends and family, not fans and fake followers, people who love and trust us the most. That's why we achieve 10 times higher engagement rates than traditional influencer marketing, five times higher conversion rates and for the same budgets upwards of 100 times more user generated content (UGC)”. He added, “That's real content created by real people, for real people that doesn't look or feel like an ad.”

WSPR’s previous results have been impressive - for Yo! Sushi  they managed to achieve 45% engagement rate and 55 pieces of UGC for the same budget it would cost for just one influencer.

The pitch won because Kanaber was impressed by the fact that there was a potential for ‘ambassador relationship’ with Marmite’s own customers and that those creating the content would be Gen Z themselves. 

To find out more about WYSPR’s winning solution watch the full pitch here

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