Every dollar spent on paid search advertising is scrutinised, especially during challenging times. Since COVID-19 began to have global impact, many brands have reduced their paid search spending as a cost-saving measure. 

However, whilst this may bring down immediate advertising costs, it's important to consider how to be smart about your PPC spend. At the same time, you'll want to protect your brand online and ensure that you're only paying your partners for incremental conversions.

A broad segment of marketers recognise the ROI of branded search - but unfortunately competitors, resellers and affiliates do as well. As such, BrandVerity is seeing brands increasing their monitoring in this channel to protect their investments. 

This might be due to either the headwinds or tailwinds presented by COVID-19, but we’re observing a wider segment of marketers taking steps to protect search - particularly for branded terms - whenever they can.  

There is also a great opportunity for marketers to maximise their ROI by combining efforts across PPC and SEO. Both offer powerful stand-alone channels, but if you are focusing on just one strategy, you are losing out on the value that using PPC and SEO together can bring to your marketing strategy. 

Not only can these two channels help you control your brand story, their coordination also paves the way for SERP domination on high revenue-driving keywords for your business! 

While earned, owned, and paid media are all important to digital strategy, PPC and SEO touch all levels of digital marketing. 

Further, by coordinating PPC and SEO keyword data, marketers can maximise organic performance when there is no competition, and activate the paid channel when there is.   

Now is the time to launch a comprehensive strategy for smarter bidding that makes the most of your PPC and SEO channels. 

To learn more, download BrandVerity's 'Smarter Paid Search Bidding Guide' below.