Brands need to be themselves and be bold says Burger King’s Brand + Communications Director Soco Núñez de Cela.

Speaking at MAD//Fest London as part of AdsWizz and MAD//Fest’s ‘MAD//Fest Moments series’, Núñez de Cela said: “If brands are authentic and brave then they are more likely to connect with people”.

Explaining further, Núñez de Cela said that for a brand like Burger King this is part of their marketing culture and that in today’s “always on world you have to expect the unexpected”. Burger King appreciates therefore that brands are essentially “part of pop culture and at Burger King we realise they need to be reactive”.

In the MAD//Fest Moments video Núñez de Cela said that the culture of being fast and nimble helped Burger King when the pandemic struck and their restaurants had to shut and media plans tossed in the bin. However, this challenge was met head on by Burger King and as Núñez de Cela said “having a small budget meant it was easier compared to other brands.” Burger King naturally thinks on its feet. “We had to be smarter in our conversations with people, not too spammy or aggressive. We found a place where we were having normal conversations with our customers and therefore did not have to push sales.” Watch the interview here

Run in partnership with programmatic audio specialists AdsWizz and produced by Shootsta, ‘MAD//Fest Moments’ is a series in which prominent industry leaders share emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. Guests include 4 Capital Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell, new KFC CMO Jack Hinchliffe and Resi Founder Alex Depledge MBE.