Canned water disruptor Cano Water is to sponsor MAD//Fest London on 4-6 July at the Old Truman Brewery as part of an initiative to reduce waste and support the festival's not-for-profit partners.

Cano Water, whose investors include comedian Ricky Gervais, will supply attendees with cans of still and sparkling water in exchange for a £2 donation. All proceeds will go towards supporting the work of MAD//Fest's not-for-profit partners. 

In addition to the water made available by Cano, MAD//Fest London attendees are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and use refill stations across the venue.

Unlike plastic bottles, aluminium cans can be recycled infinitely (75% of the aluminium we use today was mined in the 1800s) and the process is more efficient. It’s estimated that whilst 76% of the world’s aluminium cans are recycled, this figure shrinks to just 10% for plastic bottles.

The MAD//Fest partnership will also see Cano Co-founder Josh White speak at the festival about how the brand is disrupting the CPG category with an innovative and environmentally friendly product. 

"We're hugely excited to bring Cano Water on board for MAD//Fest London with an innovative partnership that will keep people hydrated, reduce waste, and support the work of our not-for-profit partners. In addition to making Cano Water available for a suggested £2 donation, we will continue to encourage attendees to bring their own water bottles to MAD//Fest and use the refill stations across the venue. We're extremely grateful to Cano for their support and enthusiasm for this idea," said Ian Houghton, MAD//Fest’s Co-founder.

"Although Cano Water is just 7 years old as a business, we've got huge traction at a time when the spotlight is on single use plastics and marine pollution. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to raise the profile of a brand and switch consumers on to the environmental benefits of aluminium canned water. We’re thrilled to team up with MAD//Fest London and create a win-win scenario where we provide a more environmentally friendly way of accessing water and support worthy causes," said Josh White Co-founder at Cano Water.

The initiative with Cano is the latest brand partnership to be announced for MAD//Fest London. Over the course of the 3 day festival attendees can sample complimentary food and drinks from a wide range of brands including Dishoom, Sticks N Sushi, Chick N Sours and Sexy Buns, and drinks from Heineken, Jimmy’s Coffee, Jagermeister, SENTIA, White-Claw, Accolade Wines, Cano, Au Vodka and Coca-Cola/Jack Daniel’s.

Expected to attract 10,000+ marketers and named ‘Event of the Year’ at the UK Event Awards, MAD//Fest London speakers include Tesco Chief Customer Officer Alessandra Bellini, Founder and Broadcaster Gary Neville, Castore Founder Thomas Beahon, Ben & Jerry’s Director of Global Activism Christoper Miller, Co-op Chief Customer Officer Kenyatte Nelson  and S4 Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell.

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